Celebrate Deepavali with Passage Thru India

As Deepavali is approaching soon and due to CMCO, we decided to have our awesome Indian Delights from home. Passage Thru India is always one of our choices when it comes to authentic Indian Cuisine and this time, we are glad to know that they are also doing home delivery during this period.

Firewood Chicken Dhum Briyani

And one of the must have here is their Firewood Chicken Dhum Briyani. This time, we ordered the awesomely prepared chicken briyani which is packed with flavours and they comes with generous portion for sure. The Chicekn briyani comes with the kachchi mos (raw meat), marinated with spices overnight then soaked in dahi (curd), which is then sandwiched between layers of fragrant basmati rice, exotic Indian spices, Egyptian saffron, Persian cashews, and almonds. The meat was so tender and juicy and they are really awesomely good. Every mouthful of the briyani is just heavenly.

Plain Tandoor Parottja

Filled up your tummy with the awesome wheat flatbread which is beautifully roasted in their clay oven. They are fluffy and aromatic.

Mint Chutney and Papadums

This is anytime our favourites and it is never enough for us no matter how much is served. I am loving how the papadum goes with the mint chutney which brings you with the delectable and yet refreshing flavours . Nice!

Mutton Perattal

Their mutton is a must to try as well. When I unpacked them, I can smell the fragrant gravy smell with the aromatic herbs and spice in it. The curry comes  thick and yet flavourful. The gravy taste is simply awesome and every bites of the mutton comes tender and juicy too.

Paneer Makhini

This is another signature dish from Passage Thru India. Now, you can enjoy the specially made paneer cubes or cottage cheese which is cooked with the rich Mughlai gravy of tomato, cashew nuts, milk cream and butter. The gravy is not spicy but it is just so good that I can dipped with the Tandoor bread and enjoy them till the fullest.


Another healthy dish to be enjoyed where the dish is complete with the dried cucumber, onion, chilly and carrot that is soaked in their spiced yogurt. An appetizing dish to go with their briyani.

And of course we ended with some desserts. And this time, we have Ladoo which is one of the signature. They are just perfect with complete light sweetness which is addictively good.

And now, you can book your place at their outlet or call for delivery with the Passage Thru India Deepavali Menu. They are available from 14th to 30th Nov for both dine-in and delivery. The charges is at RM 35 per pax ( minimum 10 pax) . And if you love to have them, do call them a day before to pre-book. For any orders or catering enquiries please call them at 017-998 9427

Passage Thru India

Location: No. 4, Jalan Delima, off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-2145 0366

Website: www.passagethruindia.com

Instagram: @passagethruindia3

Facebook: @passagethruindia

th Nov for dine-in and delivery

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