Jelly Mooncake by QJelly

How about some thing special for kids and even sharing with friends this Mid Autumn. Since we love mooncake so much, this time QJelly is one of our choice to go for! For those who are not aware, QJelly Bakery Shop is one of the first established jelly cake shop back in 2006. And they are famed for their Jelly Cake of course!

But during this festive time, QJelly comes up with the wide selection of jelly mooncake to cater for the needs of the market and they are indeed creative!

Starting off with their mooncakes, one can enjoy their Mooncake Mix Fruits (RM 22) where they mooncake jelly is stuffed with generous portion of fruits in it such as kiwi, mango and more.

One must not miss out is also their Signature Pandan Mooncake which is perfectly made and well layered to ensure that it is not just beautiful in sight but also yummy to the tummy too.

Asides from that, they have the little cute Disney character mooncake where you can enjoy the Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Mickey and Minnie, as well as Stitch too. Each of every mooncake is stuffed with the filling of white lotus, red bean or durian lotus.

If you love Rilakuma, go for their Rilakuma selection where they are so cute and adorable. Both are stuffed either with Red Bean or Durian Lotus.

Asides from that, they have other selections of character mooncakes available too from the piggy, to the bunny , Hello Kitty and many more.

If you are looking for something different this year, QJelly may be one of your selection for mooncake this year. For more info, you can contact QJelly on their Instagram or facebook page. Or you can opt to whatsapp : 6012-334 8919, 6012-212 6919

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