Dumpling Kings & Phuture Daging partner to launch Malaysia’s first plant-based dumpling outlet

It is my first time encounter the Plant-Based Dumpling and now we are able to try the Plant Base Dumpling by Dumpling King. Dumpling King and the plant based meats foodtech company Phuture Daging is collaborating to launch Malaysia’s first plant-based dumpling outlet.
For those who are not aware, Phuture Daging’s customized plant-based meat solutions and halal-certified manufacturing process, Dumpling Kings aims to make the humble dumpling — a comfort food that can be shared among Malaysians, regardless of dietary or religious restrictions.
And according to the owners and co-founder of Dumpling Kings, they also noticed on the increased demand for the plant-based food in Malaysia as the current supply is pretty limited. And therefore, Dumpling King aims to bring more healthy plant -based dumpling for Malaysian to enjoy. And the collaboration will see the opening of Malaysia’s first Dumpling Kings outlet offering a fully-halal, plant-based menu in the 4th quarter of 2020.
With their tagline “Dumpling For All”; now one can enjoy the healthy plant based dumpling which is health and yet it is halal too. As they are working with the Phuture Daging’s ethos who is in producing halal plant-based meat from local ingredients, you are assured thet the offerings not only affordable, but more socially and environmentally conscious.
And both companies had collaborated and brings you with four dumpling flavours which are spicy mala, kimchi, chives, and mushroom cabbage. And you can have them with both pan-fried and boiled options.
One can enjoy their variety flavour of dumpling where the mushroom cabbage dumplings are filled with the distinct mushroom taste which is perfectly an indulgence. The dumpling comes juicy and delicious and it is served with the choice of pan and fried too.
If you love to have some Korean bites, go for their kimchi flavour which is another crowd favourites. The kimchi flavours are well infused into the dumpling which makes the taste not overpowering but nice one.
As for the chives, either u love it or you hate it. The chives flavours comes with the pungent taste. If you are fans of chives; I bet you will definitely love it.
And same goes to their mala. The mala dumpling comes with the bursting umph hint which is superbly an indulgence. Once you fall in love with it, the taste will never goes wrong.
Asides from that, if you are planning for a business you can consider contacting Dumpling Kings.  Lyn and her co-founder Shawn plan to advance the collaboration with Phuture Daging through a franchising model that provide entrepreneurship opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneur in Malaysia plan to take the collaboration with Phuture Daging further in 2021, opening up the Dumpling Kings brand to young entrepreneurs who need a leg-up into the plant-based food sector.
“Consumers have increasing awareness and Malaysia’s enterprising youth are willing to build on this. With our best practices in sourcing, financing, and marketing in place and backed by the foodtech experts at Phuture Daging, we at Dumpling Kings can work with aspiring entrepreneurs to grow the local plant-based sector,” Shawn remarked.
Also present at the signing/food tasting was Phuture Daging general manager Datin Maziah Binti Omar, who noted that this partnership marks Phuture Daging’s introduction of its halal plant-based solutions to the Malaysian market.
Phuture Daging’s plant-based meats are processed in compliance with halal standards, which are overseen by Phuture Daging’s Halal Advisory Board led by Pn. Norlia Binti Yusof.
For more information,
You can contact
Dumpling Kings: Co-founder Shawn Pan (HP: 014 395 8806), Co-founder Lyn Teh (HP: 012 226 7391) E-mail Address: dk.dumplingkings@gmail.com
Phuture Daging: General Manager Datin Maziah Omar (H/P: 019- 650 3747 – maziah@phuturedaging.com)
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