ATAS Modern Malaysian Eatery @ The RUMA

A place which is just like HOME. I am in love with this awesome restaurant where the interior comes simply beautiful with the touch of love. What makes ATAS special is where guest can embark on a culinary journey through the Malay Peninsula. Led by Executive Chef Tyson Gee, diners will discover a new appreciation for local provenance, with a seasonal menu that unearths the unique flavours of locally sourced spices, herbs and vegetables

And this time RUMA brings you with their perfectly curated menu where one can enjoy the deconstruct classical or traditional Malaysian dishes but to reinterpret local ingredients and flavour profiles into something uniquely Malaysian.

Pai Tee (RM 20 )

We started off with their pai tee. Instead of our usual pai tee, ATAS had curated their own version of pai tee where they comes with the charcoal pai tee and topped with the chicken liver parfait and the roselle jam. The taste is not overpowering but the combination brings you with the perfect indulgence!

Cured Ocean Trout (RM 52)

The nice cut of salmon trout is served with the puffed tapioca, local herbs and sambal dressing. The sweetness of the ocean trout remains with the light kick of sambal which makes the dish so appetizing.

Charred King Prawns (RM 86)

We love how each mouthful of the king prawns is done. They are heavenly good which makesus wanted more. Their taste is such an absolute indulgence and they are beautifully topped with the coriander with it. They are so heavenly which I don’t mind having more!

Ike Jime Malabar Snapper (RM 80)

The Ikejime Malabar Snapper is one of the must order here. I am loving each bites of the fish itself where the fish meat comes simply flaky. They are so indulging where I don’t mind having more of it.

Cornfed Chicken (RM 78)

The Cornfed chicken is indeed an indulgence. One can enjoy the delicious prepared cornfed chicken with the Malacan famous Buah Keluak together with the okra and fermented chili sauce. This is absolutely something worth to go for!

Not just that, we also enjoyed their other signatures such as the Charred Baby Corn (RM 23) ; Lawas Highland Red Lice (RM 66) and many more.

Never leave ATAS without trying their desserts. Must have signature is their Durian Ice Cream Sundae (RM 42) which is a complete heavenly dessert. The fragrant blend of durian which is a complete indulgence and they are beautifully topped with Pistachio, Gula Melaka and coconut.

Another must try is their Pahang Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate (RM 36). The creamy and yet bittery chocolate is really nice and it is just so good that I would love how they are done and it is beautifully served with the ganache, roselle and mulberries.

Overall, ATAS @ The Ruma is a perfect place to dine. Not just they have an absolute delicious menu, but they also the ambiance is so nice and just like home.


7, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur,

50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2778 0888

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