Xin Cuisine is showcasing new steamboat promotion from September 1, 2020 onwards.

Handmade dumplings, sea moss fish ball, pork meat ball, tender slices of lamb, pork, freshwater prawn, pork belly, stuffed gluten puff are some of the items served in the steamboat meal. Dunk in the meat, seafood and veggies and enjoy the wonderful flavours and textures. Dunk it all in any broth of your choice, flavourful curry or clear soup. Either one promises to warm you up.

One hot pot with more smiles around the table. A popular dining option across several parts of Asia, the famous steamboat (known as hot pot to some) is a scrumptious way to bond with family, friends and even business associates. This steamboat promotion is tagged at RM148.00 nett for three persons dining during dinner only. If you prefer to taste Xin Cuisine’s new milky pork bone soup, just add on RM10.00.

For reservations, please call Xin Cuisine at 2144 8750.

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