Homemade Cute and Healthy Buns from Kawaii Bun

Are you a big fans of cute little buns? Recently, I am addicted to cute buns from KawaiiBuns where the homemade buns are really addcitive. The little buns are beautifully created with love with and comes with different types of character of cartoons in it.

In here, you can find wide variety of cute buns which is beautifully handmade. Each of them are made from the natural vegetables and fruit juice colours where you are ensured that they is no artificial coloring in it.

Not just that, the buns are made from pure wheat flour and they did not use any softerner on the buns. With all these awesome benefits, I am definitely purchase for my little one to try for sure.

As they have wide variety of buns, one can grab their stuffed buns, donut shaped buns, gua bao buns as well as the Lollipop – shaped buns.

If you love to have those with the ingredients with it, do choose their stuffed bun where they are packed with different flavour of inserts in it such as red bean, lotus , pandan and chocolate. They are packed frozen and what you need is to steamed them around 15-20 minutes.

For those interested can  wasap.my/60163647707/KawaiiBun (Ivy) where they offer delivery to your doorsteps.

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