Experience the Taste of Malaysian Cuisine in Modern Way at SPG by Bijan

Experience a new wave of Malaysian cuisine at SPG by Bijan Bar now. Located next to their famous Malaysian Cuisines Restaurant- Bijan, SPG by Bijan brings you a new twist on how you can enjoy our famous Malaysian cuisine.

The interior comes different compare to Bijan as it brings you with a more modern interior. With the brighter lighting and the cool interior, Bijan by SPG is perfectly a place to visit! The indoor brings you with the stunning view and complete with the private dining room that definitely makes a cosy space for you.

One of the highlight here is the pizza.  In here, one can enjoy your choice of pizza where they comes with the wide variety of choices. You can now have your pizza individually or have them mixed 2 into 1 pizza. Among the pizza which is being created includes the Blur Like Sotong (Squid with spicy squid ink sambal tumis, anchovies, petai, mozzarella & coriander), Ayam Yours (Pulled chicken tossed in chili & coriander with crispy chicken crackling & mozzarella), Mak Ducktin (Smoked duck, turmeric coconut base, chili, onion & mozzarella) and Mario & Siti (Pulled beef rendang tok, chili, onion & mozarella). And being a fans of pizza, they are beautifully presented with the thin crust texture and each mouthful of the pizza are pretty addictive. They are topped with the generous ingredients and every mouthful is divinely good. The crust comes crispy and every mouthful comes simply delicious.

Ah Ran Sini

This is one of the must try here. The Ah Ran Sani brings you with a twist of rice balls where you can enjoy you can have the iconic Nasi Lemak flavors stuffed into rice balls & deep fried for deliciousness, served with anchovy mayo. Each mouthful is packed with the bursting light spiciness and yet aromatic blend of Malaysia taste in it.

Rendang Bao & Nangka Bao

The Rendang Bao comes deliciously good where they comes with the juicy texture. Each mouthful of the bao completed with the delectable juicy meat which is packed with the robust flavours.

Asides from the Rendang Bao, you can grab the taste of the Nangka bao which brings you something unique and yet delicious. The Pulled Young Jackfruit Rendang comes simply perfect where they are beautifully cooked with a bit of sweet and savoury blend in it. Served in the toasted mantao bun.

Lidah Sambal
Something worth to order, you can enjoy the tender-licious ox tougue where they are beautifully pan seared till perfection and then it is served with the light-spiciness. The dish is worth to order and it is pretty unique to our tastebuds.

Grilled Sambal Shoulder
The Grilled Sambal Shoulder comes with the generous portion of their marinated lamb shoulder. The dish is packed with flavours and they are perfectly grilled and brings up the bursting flavours of the lamb. The lamb remains the juiciness with no gammy taste at all.  Served together with the sambal hijau, sambal hitam and sambal merah at the side

Seafood Platter

One must try also is their Seafood Platter. The Seafood Platter comes perfectly good where you can absolutely enjoy till the fullest of the delectable perfect seafood in one goal. One of my favourites where they are packed with the aromatic char taste and flavours in it. You can enjoy the grilled tiger prawns, grilled calamari, and mussels all in one goal and they are perfectly cooked with their homemade sambal. Sides with the belachan salsa at the side.

Looking for some desserts to end your meals. In here, you can enjoy 3 choices of their signature desserts.

Bananas Over Bananas

One can enjoy the Bananas Over Bananas where you can have their Homemade Banana Ice Cream which is perfectly an indulgence. The creamy homemade banana ice cream is served together with their caramelized banana and the dehydrated banana cone

Pulut Mango Cake

The Pulut Mango Cake is a modern twist of the mango sticky rice together with the chilled mango mousse, fresh mango and coconut glutinous rice on biscuit base. Nicely done and every mouthful is so yummy!

Milo-va You

And lastly, we had  Milo-va You. One can enjoy the oozy warm milo lava cake with coconut ice cream. Creamy and yet delicious!

For those who are looking for delicious Malaysian delights with a twist, SPG By Bijan is one of the restaurants which is worth the visit.

SPG by Bijan
3A, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603  2031 3575

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