Pacific Coffee launches ImpossibleTM Bolognese Cheese Burger

As consumers become more mindful about food and sustainability these days, it is important that we come up with products that satisfy this growing need. This April, Pacific Coffee is proud to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Impossible Foods, adding a plant-based option to the menu.

As a coffee chain in Hong Kong carrying food made from Impossible meat, we have created a one-of-a-kind burger which is perfect for a light meal. The Impossible Bolognese Cheese Burger contains minced meat that tastes as delicious as ground beef, enhanced by the hearty stew of white onions, white mushrooms and fresh tomato sauce.

Scrumptious Bolognese sauce is sandwiched between an array of mouthwatering garnish –Mozzarella cheese, Romaine lettuce, caramelized onions and black pepper butter sauce– and a soft bun.

Offering the same flavours, aroma and nutrition as ground beef is the reason for the growing popularity of Impossible meat. Made entirely from plants, it contains 0mg cholesterol with 14g of protein per 4oz/113g serving. But most importantly, Impossible meat is not only good for you but also good for the planet as it eliminates the need to make food from animals, hence supporting a more sustainable lifestyle!

Price: HK$58 each
Available at all Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong from Apr 29, 2020 onwards

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