Gambling Tutorial For Chinese Speakers

A good, comprehensive gambling tutorial is hard to come by because most people that know what to do, usually do it. Additionally, it is even more difficult to find guides on how to bet in languages other than English. Moreover, with Mandarin Chinese being the most widely spoken language in the world, and with such a large gambling population within the Chinese speaking community, one would assume that there would be more tutorials out there for them. But one quick search will prove otherwise and how few exist.

Taking into consideration the sheer number of Chinese speakers that enjoy gambling online, there is a glaring lack of guides that cater to them. It’s also important to consider that not all people can speak both languages as well. While it is possible to use an online translating tool, many nuances get lost when one does this. This can be quite dangerous, as there is a substantial amount of risk involved in betting, and one small mistake can lead to some severe, irreversible financial losses.
In fact, betting is speculated to have originated in Ancient China. There has been evidence that some rudimentary form of gambling was taking place as early as 2000BC, as tiles that were used for a game of chance were unearthed recently. Gambling houses were incredibly popular in the first millennium BC, and playing cards were also said to have begun in China sometime in the 9th century. With such a rich gambling culture, anyone would assume that there would be more resources for the Chinese speaking public.

Rescuebet Betting Website

First Betting Website Provide Gambling Tutorial For Chinese Speakers

RescueBet, Malaysia’s leading betting website, understands this disparity all too well, which is why they are one of the only websites to provide gambling tutorials for Chinese speakers. The Malaysian Chinese people are the second-largest ethnic group in the country. And a good portion of that population seems to love to gamble online. So it would only make sense for RescueBet to dedicate a betting help section and resources to one of their most significant and most dedicated user bases.
Gambling is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining activities out there. Not only is it enjoyable, but punters also have the opportunity to turn their hobby into a profitable venture, as it is possible to be able to make long term stable profits through gambling. While it isn’t the most popular career choice because it’s not as stable, many people from all around the world make a decent living solely by betting on sports or casino games. And with the number of live casinos and sportsbooks that exist today, doing so is now more possible than ever.

But losing is also very much an unavoidable part of gambling. Practice helps, but it doesn’t matter how experienced a bettor is because at the end of the day, the future is unforeseeable, and while this makes a punt interesting, it also makes it riskier not to know the outcome. To make matters worse, all online betting websites have a house edge. Every single platform needs to turn a profit, and so, the bookmaker or the dealer always has a built-in advantage over the player. Over time, the more a person bets, the house edge that is in place ensures that the betting website will receive its returns, and the player loses a percentage of what they stake.

If this house edge didn’t exist, casinos and sportsbooks would not be able to sustain themselves. But for people who like to bet, this house edge is disadvantageous, as it prevents them from making any long term profits. The only way to subvert this unfair advantage is by using betting systems or betting strategies. A betting system is essentially an approach to gambling that reverses this house edge in favor of the player. In short, they help you beat the establishment. There are a wide variety of strategies out there – some simple, some complex, some more effective than others. But there is a system for every gambling situation. Their main purpose is to either reduce the risk involved in a wager, increase one’s profits, or both.
If a Chinese speaker needs to know how these systems work, they need not look further than Rescuebet. RescueBet’s blog betting help section features multiple pieces that break down even the most challenging betting concepts in such an efficient manner that even a novice with no experience with betting would be able to understand them. The articles, which are available in both Simplified Chinese and English, are written by experts within the industry, people who know exactly what they’re doing, and what works and what doesn’t. Readers are guaranteed to get some of the most useful tips, resources, and tricks available, and all for free. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter what a member’s betting preferences are, as RescueBet’s blog covers a wide range of topics from roulette to fantasy sports.
But several people do not have the time to dedicate a portion of their day to read an article, and that is a very valid concern. For these members, RescueBet has an incredibly handy web video series section, in which members can find a wide range of videos that cover a variety of topics. Chinese speakers would not be disappointed, as there are several videos that they can watch and subscribe to be informed when new content is published.

Here is some Chinese video series from Rescuebet

Their betting help is definitely one of the most comprehensive ones out there, as their authors cover every single gambling related topic. Currently, there are already a number of helpful pieces on how one can improve their betting skills, and more are yet to come. With articles posted every month, a regular reader would be a gambling expert in no time. It would be safe to say that RescueBet is a complete one-stop shop when it comes to online betting services and solutions. Apart from being one of the best online betting websites out there, they also care deeply for their members, as they want them to win.

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