Opulent Chinese New Year Reunion Awaits You at Boulevard Hotel

It is time to have a great celebration with families and friends this CNY at The Boulevard Kuala Lumpur. And this year, one can enjoy the exciting menu starting from 6th January – 9th February to celebrate the auspicious CNY.  And for this year, guest can enojoy the variety choices of set menu where one can go for the Fortune Set Menu at RM 888 nett, Prosperity Set Menu at RM 988nett or the Wealth Set Menu at RM 1188 Nett.

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang

Tossed your prosperity this year with their deliciously prepared yee sang which is packed with the generous slice of salmon with it. Tossed your luck and prosperity this year here and enjoy the fullest on the yee sang.

Braised Pumpkin Broth with Dried Scallop and Seafood

Next, we enjoyed the bowl of creamy and fragrantly made Braised Pumpkin Broth with Dried Scallop and Seafood. The soup comes thick and delicious and every mouthful is simply heavenly.

Wok Fried Dice Chicken in Thai Sauce with Mango Salad

Another dish to go for is the Wok Fried Dice Chicken in Thai Sauce with Mango Salad. Enjoy the delicious tender juicy chicken which is so nice and delicious too.

Steamed Red Snapper with Black Fungus, Red Date, Enokitake and Mushroom

Enjoy the flaky texture of the red snapper which comes simply fresh and they are sides with the Black Fungus, Red Date, Enokitake and the Mushroom together. Nicely done.

Wok fried Peel Prawn with Pineapple and “Ong Lai” Sauces

Something unique here. I am loving it so much where the fresh flaky prawns are served together with the lights sourish Pineapple Sauce.

Braised Dry Oyster, Sea Moss and Mushroom Broccoli

Don’t miss out their beautifully braised oyster which is served together with the sea moss, and the mushroom  umquat .

X.O. Chicken Fired Rice Wrap with Lotus Leaf

A bowl of delicious fried rice which comes simply fluffy with the aromatic blend from the lotus leaf is simply fabulous.

Chilled Kumquat with Plum and Mandarin Konnyaku Jelly, Crispy Nian Gao with Sweet Potato and Yam

We ended with the bowl of chilling  umquat which is served together with the konnyaku Jelly as well as the deliciously crispy nian gao with the sweet potato and yam together.

For those who are looking for a nice place for a delicious and affordable Chinese New Year dinner, do checkout their website at www.stgiles.com

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