Golden Valley @ Melawati Mall: Pork Free Chinese Cuisine

For those who are looking for some pork free delights, Golden Valley is definitely a great choice. Located at Melawati Mall, they bring you with the beautiful bright, and well decorated interior.

Furnished with the beautiful antique vast in the restaurant, it brings you with the beautiful classic style Chinese restaurant with the wide variety of Chinese ala-carte menu. Best part is they are pork free as they are buying their ingredients from halal suppliers and also their staff are mainly Malay as well!

We started off our meals with some of their signature dishes.  One must try is their Kung Po Chicken Yam Basket. We love how the yam basket is prepared with they are crispy edges bites and the fragrant yam flavours. It is topped with the cube of chicken meat and cashewnuts. Yummz !

For those who are big fans of crabs, you can have this Signature Chilly Crab which is awesomely good! I love the sweet and soury sauce which is well-paired with their crispy mantao. And what’s more is their crab is imported  Awesomely delicious!

Don’t miss out their curry fish as well. The Claypot Curry Fish is something worth to try here. I am loving the thick creamy curry sauce which is really spicy but packed with the aromatic flavours of curry in it. The Claypot Curry Fish is just so good that I am completely indulged and I have two bowl of rice with it.

Asides from that, we also tried their Huge Prawns cooked with their signature sauce. Impressively good and delicious and I am loving it so much. The Sauce is alike the Signature Chilly Crab Sauce and every mouthful is perfectly delicious and good.

For those who are looking for some delicious comfort dining in the mall, why not go for Golden Valley at Melawati Mall. They offers a wide delights of Chinese cuisine in one goal with great ambiance.

Address : Golden Valley, Melawati Mall, Lot 18&19, Level 03, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Opening hours : 10AM to 10PM everyday


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