Entopia @ Teluk Bahang: Experience the butterflies beauty

Entopia is a centre for nature learning where it brings the best of the insect and plant worlds together for everyone to experience the harmony in nature.  Lies at Teluk Bahang, Entopia brings you back to the Natureland where one can bring their families for an educational trip learning about the variety of animals from invertebrates and reptiles living in their recreated natural habitat.

One of the largest butterly and dragonfly garden in Malaysia, Entopia brings you with more than 15, 000 free flying butterflies at one time. And in here, you can find wide varieties of species for you to explore.

Walking in to the Entopia, their specialist explained to us the lifecycle of the butterfly where one can learn the metamorphosis of the butterfly as well. It is such a great education for the kids to learn.

Moving forward, they can witness the Mystery Cave. The Mystery Cave is indeed one of the place where one can learn about animals that you can venture in cave includes snakes, toads and many more.

Walking over to another place one will amazed with the smells of flowers together with beautiful butterflies flying all round. You can spot a variety of butterflies flying around and it is time to grab your Instagram- friendly photo there.

Asides from that, one can enjoy the scenerity and the beautiful view in the park as well as watching the different types of the butterflies flying all over. It’s simply memorizing!

And one can walk along, enjoy the view, butterflies, fishes and also the waterfalls. You can also get to see a variety species of lizards, spiders and many more.

And then, you can walk over to the Cocoon area which where you can enjoy and learns about ants, roaches, flies, and many more. The Cocoon is an indoor discovery centre featuring two floors of learning exhibition and indoor activities that allow visitors to self explore and engage in a variety of fun learning activities.

And one can able to enjoy some delectable food from their café as well.

Asides, . Entopia also offers teambuilding and learning workshops for all ages.

And I could say this is a must to visit place whenever you visit Malaysia.

A definite for your Asia Vacation!

Address: No.830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050, Pulau Pinang
Opening Hours: Daily ( 9 am – 6 pm)
Phone: 04-888 8111
For more info , checkout : http://www.entopia.com/visitor-info/

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