Bhai Jim Jum @ Pavilion: Affordable Thai Dishes!

Bhai Jim Jum is one of the Thai casual restaurants which is located in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Located just nearby Mercato, the restaurant comes up with the delicious Thai food that makes you comeback for more.

Bhai JimJum is the restaurant that focuses and specializes in Thai Street food and Thai individual hotpot Called JimJum. And in here, you can enjoy your favorite and hearty Thai soup and curries with flavor that grow on you with every bite!

Pandan Chicken Skewer with sticky Rice (RM 15.90)
One of the must to try is of course the Pandan Chicken Skewer with Sticky Rice. These cubed chicken is beautifully marinated with the lemongrass, shallots, garlic and then wrapped with pandan leaves. Sides with the sticky glutinous rice.

Som Tam (RM8.90)
Must try is of course the Som Tam where the shredded young green papaya, cherry tomato, long beans, parsIey, lime juice, cilipadi, sugar is all served together The som tam are really good with the hint of light spiciness and sourish touch in it.

Honey Siracha Chicken Wings(6pcs) (RM15.90)
One must try is of course these awesomely prepared and marinated chicken Wings which is filled with kick of spiciness from the Sriracha Sauce, Thai Chili Sauce, Fishsauce, Chili Flakes and sesame seed.

For their jimjum, you will be amazed with the variety choices of soup they have. The highlights is of course their soup are priced at affordable price tag which is less than RM20 per jimjum. You can choose from Thai Spicy soup, premium soup, and curries. The jim jum comes with long cabbage, pak choy, tofu, fried beancard skin, enoki mushroom, with the free side dish of the day. The jimjum comes with the choice of rice or noodles together with the Thai Manow Sauce, or Thai Sambal Belachan.

You can topped up only at RM  5.90 for chicken, Australian beef at RM 6,90 and seafood ( prawns & squid) at RM 15.90. Enjoy your meal with the choice of rice and bee hoon.

And for us, we tried their delicious tomyam which includes the Red Tomyum (RM 16.90) which is packed with flavours and they are beautiful infused with the lime leaf, lime, lemongrass, galangal, chili, cilantro , fish sauce , coriander and the thai parsley. The taste is simply awesome and  with the kick of umph of spiciness in it.

Cheesy Tom Yum (RM 18.90)
If you are looking for more adventure soup based, try the Cheesy Tomyam (RM 18.90) which comes with the beautiful addictive cheese at the top.

Green Curry (RM 18.90)
One can also choose to enjoy the green curry selection where the bowl of green curry jimjum is served with the green chili, coconut milk, chicken stock, evaporated milk, kaffir lime leaf, coriander, basil leaves, lime skin, spring onions, garlic and galangal. For those who love some kick of spiciness and creamy delights, go for the green curry.

Steamed Seabass with Spicy Chili Lime Sauce (RM 58.90)
If you love to enjoy your meals with rice, they do have wide choices of ala-carte food too. Have the awesomely prepared steamed seabass together with the chili, chili padi, crushed garlic, lime juice, fish sauce and coriander.  The fish comes simply fresh and meat are flaky too.

Sweet & Sour Cashew Nut Chicken (RM 19.90) | Thai Fluffy Omelette (RM 10.90) | Stir Fried Baby Kailan with Garlic (RM 12.90)

Have this delighting and tender chicken breast which is perfectly stir fried and top with the cashew nut, dried chili, spring onion, onion, bell pepper, garlic, sesame oil and the stir fried sauce at one goal! They do have vegetable choices as well where you will be pampered with these awesomely good omelettes which is cooked and served with the sriracha sauce, onions and spring onions in one. Nice one !

For noodles lover, must have is their famous Mama Instant Noodles in Nam Sai Broth, tomato onion . Enjoy this famous mama instant Tomyam noodles served with the Nam Sai Broth, tomato, onion, lime, parsley and egg with it. Deliciously good!

Never go home without trying their desserts. In here, you can enjoy the delicious desserts such as the Deep Fried Banana Rolls with Honey & Vanilla Ice Cream (RM 8.90), Blue Sticky Rice with Mango (RM 10.90), Tab Tim Krob (RM 8.90) and the Mango Sago with Coconut Milk (RM 8.90).

Don’t miss out their soothing drinks too.

Overall, their food comes awesomely good and price is at the affordable side too. Must try dishes is their JimJum, Thai Fluffy Omelette, Steamed Seabass with Spicy Chili Lime Sauce and their desserts .

L1.60.00 – L 1.66.00,
Level 1, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
TELEPHONE: 03-2381 2333
GPS Location : 3°08’55.9″N 101°42’48.6″E
Opening Hours: 11 am – 9.30 pm

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