Grand Imperial Restaurant @ Pavilion KL

Being one of the popular Chinese restaurant chains in town, Grand Imperial is one of our family favorites for dim sum and dinner. And now, they had expended their wings to more places. Added to their list is the Level 6 Pavilion Shopping Mall which is their 10th outlet.

And this time around, the restaurant is beautifully renovated with the spacious sitting, black carpet and elegant feel. And in here, they also come with 10 private rooms that is perfectly equipped with the LED Screen, Karaoke System and some have private washroom for those who are looking for a more intimate dining.

And in Grand Imperial Kuala Lumpur, they features the signatures of the group but with the add-on of wide selection of cold dishes which is only available here in Pavilion KL.

We started off with the Hamachi Sashimi (RM 48++) which comes perfectly good. The Hamachi Sashimi brings you with the juicy texture and melts in the mouth sensation. The sashimi is deliciously  good and we are totally impress with it.

Century Egg with Young Ginger (RM 13.80++)
The Century Egg is another worth to order with their awesomely prepared. The fresh century egg comes with the bouncy texture is beautifully sides with the young ginger at the side.

King Jelly Fish with Special Sauce (RM 32++)
One of the musts to have is neverless the King Jelly Fish with Special Sauce. The Jelly Fish comes succulently good with the crispy bites in it. Perfectly good!

Japanese Tomatoes (RM 68++)
Imported all the way Japan, the tomato comes simply juicy and it is then topped with the little salt on top that brings up the flavours with a twist of light saltiness in it. Yumzzzz!

Chilled Pork Knuckle with Si Chuan Sauce (RM 14.80++)
The chilled pork knuckle comes impressively good where they are served  cold and full with collagen. It is really good in taste too!

Ice Plant! (RM68++)
A healthy and yet delicious vegetables. It is very popular and they are really good.  The ice plant comes with crispy and yet refreshing taste with the top of chef’s signature sauce. Nicely done!

Sea Prawn in Two Varieties (RM 26.80++)
Grab this Sea Prawn which is beautifully cooked with 2 flavours. The chef wrapped the prawn tail with bacon and then battered and deep fried till perfection and then have them in a special dipping sauce. As for the prawn head,  they are deep fried till perfection with the creamy shrimp paste in it.

London Duck
The London Duck is one of the signatures here. And in here, you can enjoy the awesome tender and juicy duck meat which is perfectly good where there is no gammy taste and the duck meat comes tender and juicy.

And of course, this is a must to order whenever in Grand  Imperial, Iberico Spare Ribs Grilled in Western Style (RM 16 /100g) is one of the must to have.Grab this juicy ribs which comes with moist and juicy meat ! Addictively good!

Deep Fried Ayu Fish (RM 28++)
The Deep Fried Ayu Fish taste really good. The meat is perfectly good with the flaky texture and aromatic hint as well. Love it!

Coral Trout Poached with Olive Oil (RM 39/100 gram)
This is amazingly good and I definitely give a double thumbs up for this awesome dish.  The Carol Trout is beautifully poached with olive oil with the double boiled concept that maintains the temperature of the oil is at around 80 -100 degrees. The meat is so good – flaky and yet the flavours is really heavenly.

The bones is then deep fried till perfection leaving you with the crispy bites!

Stewed Egg Noodle with Boston Lobster (RM 36 / 100g)
A dish filled with love and packed with the good stuff. The Stewed Egg Noodles is such an indulgence with the delicious and fresh boston lobster.

If you are looking for a spot for wedding , dinner or gathering, you can now visit the Pavilion KL Grand Imperial which is not just bringing you great food but new look and ambiance.

Grand Imperial Restaurant @ Level 6,

Pavilion Lot 6.39.00, Level 6 Pavilion

Kuala Lumpur 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2110 2912 / 13

Fax: 03-2110 2978


11.00pm – 3.00pm | 6.00pm – 10.30pm


10.00am – 3.00pm | 6.00pm – 10.30pm

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