Grand Imperial: Delicious Mooncakes not to be miss !

It is time for mooncake again and this year Grand Imperial offers you with the wide choices of mooncake variety that definitely cater your needs and your choice.

We are one of the big fans of Grand Imperial Mooncakes as they often comes up with a variety of choices that caters to the young and the old.

This year, Grand Imperial brings you with 2 new flavours which are the Taro Coconut Milk & Brown Sugar and Oolong with Pu’er which is a great combination of mooncake.

We love both the new flavours as the Taro Coconut Milk & Brown Sugar is really good and complete with the fragrance of Taro in it Not too sweet but the blend of the brown sugar really make a good mix to the whole mooncake.

As for the Oolong with Pu’Er; they comes with the fragrance of the tea flavours in it. Not too sweet but the aromatic blend of oolong tea!

Asides from the two new flavours, one can purchase other variety of mooncakes on their belt.  As for me, I am the big fans of their Bamboo Charcoal with White Lotus Tiramisu, Pandan Lotus Paste Single Yolk and the Almond with Sesame White Lotus Paste as well.

And this year, they also comes up with the Mooncake Package with the Royal Solute 21 years old which is priced at RM 630 nett.

For those who prefer some traditional mooncakes, no worries Grand Imperial also offers a range of traditional mooncakes that includes the Pandan Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Lotus Paste Double Yolk, White Lotus Single Yolk, Low Sugar White Lotus Paste and many more.

And this year, you can purchase the mooncakes in different selection of premium boxes which is perfect for gifting and also own consumption. And now, you can purchase their mooncakes in all Grand Imperial Group outlets.

For enquiry please contact:
?️Bangsar 03 2283 1118
?️Hartamas 03 6201 3777
?️Pinnacle 03 5888 7222
?️ 1 Utama 03 7729 7223
?️VeIocity 03 2771 1234
?️Genting 03 6101 1135
?️ KIang 03 3345 2118
?️ PaviIion Elite 03 2110 5557
?️ Pavilion KL 03 2110 2912

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