Editor Picks: 10 UNIQUE Mooncake To TRY This Year!

Mooncake has been more creative every year. And every year we can see that there is more and more unique mooncake that will definitely make you buy them all. And for this year, our Malaysianfoodie team comes up with 10 unique mooncakes to buy.

1. Beer Factory: Guinness Mooncake

This time, Beer Factory brings you with their Guinness Mooncake. Selling at RM 80 for 2 pieces the mooncake. For more info, checkout here

2. Good Chen  : Ma Lat Mooncake

Since the hit of malat, there are so much about this spicy numb sensation of steamboat, but if it is mooncake would you try them? Now, you can get them at Good Chen

3. Yong Sheng : Salted Egg Lava Mooncake

Salted egg is everywhere since the hit of salted egg, neverless the hit never ends and Yong Sheng not only bringing you with the malat mooncake but they have salted egg too. You can get them at any Yong Sheng store.

4. Inside Scoop : Unicorn Mooncake

Unicorn! It is always many favourites of ladies and children. Nothing beats a Unicorn mooncake to celebrate with your love one where you can have the sweet and romantic feelings too. Get them from Inside Scoop now!

5. Westin KL: Purple Sweet Potato & Taro Sensation

Westin KL brings back the taste of the olden days but this match is something you never think about. Sweet Potato and Taro is a great combination in Taiwanese Desserts but how about in mooncake? Grab them now in Westin Kuala Lumpur

6. Eat Cake Today:  Kuih Lapis MoonCake

A Malaysian twist for sure. The Kuih Lapis Mooncake is something to look forward and unique Sarawak Layer Cake. Making a twist of malaysian local delicacies in mooncake, would you get a try of this? Checkout about this Kuih Lapis Mooncake @ EatCakeToday

7. Hilton KL : Snow Skin with Ginseng Lotus Paste, Hibiscus Jam, and Crushed Almonds
Hilton KL is one of the hotels that always give you surprises from packaging to mooncake variety. After their few success mooncake, this year in conjunction with Malaysia Day and Mooncake festival, they combined our National Flower- Hibiscus into their mooncake. Will you try this? Grab them now at Hilton KL

8. Intercontintal KL : Pomegranate Snow Skin with Teo Chew Yam Paste

Another hotel which always brings you with unique flavours and this year they come up with the healthy blend but yet unique flavours to die for. The Pomegranate Snow Skin Teo Chew Yam Paste is uniquely presented with a twist and they are really good!

9. Nobu :  Shanghai Black Sesame with Wasabi
Something I never expects in the mooncake! Wasabi! If you are a fans of wasabi, try them now with the Shanghai Black Sesame with Wasabi from Nobu KL. Burst your sensation with the hint of the Japanese Wasabi in it!

10. Corus Hotel KL: Durian Jelly Mooncake
Durian Mooncake is pretty normal but have you heard about Durian Jelly Mooncake! This is something you will need to try. Corus KL working in hand with famous Durian BB brings you the limited edition Durian Jelly with fresh Durian flesh between the Jelly mooncake.

Will you try them all?

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