Celebrate Mooncake Festival with Dragon-I

As mooncake festival is coming, everyone would be searching for their favourite mooncake to go for. And this year, Dragon-I brings you with the classic gift box with them of “The Dream of Red Chamber” where it focuses the design of the octagonal shaped box that made with the high-quality burgundy wine coloured fabric which comes with the touch of elegance.

Tianjing Chestnut Paste
And this year, Dragon – I brings you with their NEW Flavours which is the Tianjing Chestnut Paste which matched with the melon seeds. I am loving the fine texture which comes simply soft and smooth and brings out the unique flavours to your fullest satisfaction.

Asides from that, one can enjoy the various choices of mooncakes which includes Hong Kong White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Pinenut, Premium Japanese Red Bean Paste, Exotic Mixed  Fruits & Nuts and many more.

Don’t miss out this year signature which includes the Hong Kong White Lotus Paste Single Yolk which is absolutely good!

Not just that, I am in love with their Frosty Durian Musang King Mooncake which is perfectly served with the best Musang king flesh. And these are really good especially the Musang King filling which is completed with the creaminess and the fragrance of the king of fruit. They are then wrapped with the mochi alike Japanese flour.

Asides from their Durian Musang King Mooncake, one can also order other flavours which are the Frosty Lava Sesame with Hazelnut (RM 25 for 2) , Frosty Coffee with Oreo (RM 25 for 2) and also the Frosty Japanese Green Tea with Red Bean (RM 25 for 2).

And now you can purchase their mooncake cash voucher which you can have the exclusive 20% discount during the period 15 June 2019 till 18 August 2019.
Asides, you can also grab them via their online which is through www.dragon-i.com.my

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