Genting Skytropolis Funland : Excitement, fun await visitors

The brand new entertainment space in Genting which is the NEW Skytropolis Funland. The new place which is worth for children and family to spend their time here where the indoor theme park brings you with the thrilling adventures and extremely exciting rides.

The park offers fun and adventure for all ages and the pay-per-ride tickets are at RM10 on weekdays and RM15 on weekends, school and public holidays, and eve of public holidays. And for now they have thirteen rides with nine more to come. Asides from the rides one can enjoy some new atteraction which include The Void, a hyper-reality centre; Imaginatrix, which combines physical rides with virtual reality; and the BigTop Video Games Park, a circus-themed arcade.

The Themepark welcomes you with the mega large LED screens on the walls and even on the ceiling and they are simply impressively beautiful. The LED Screens changes from time to time making the overall ambiance more vabriant and exciting.

Kids can started off playing loads of different rides where they have the lovely marry go around where they have two of them. One is the bigger version where their parents can join them for the ride and another is the smaller version. Beautiful and elegant, the Royal Carousel indeed attracted me too.

The Spin Crazy is another exciting ones for those who are not fear of upside down and height. Scream all your way out.
Same goes to this Power Surge where you will be going up down round and round in this ride.
This upgraded ride comes simply exciting as well. Disco! is one of the rides that attracted you where there is a huge  spinning disc that swings back and forth along a curved track with increasing speed and it also rotates rapidly
The improved version of this  Sky Towers. Go up and down without any notice. Get your heart pumping fast!
They also have this Balloon Race where riders can go  high up in the air in spinning gondolas.

There are many attractive games to go such as Space Cadets, Copper Express and many more.If you are looking for some exciting short trip, perhaps you can bring your family up and play all day long here as they also offer Daily Pass as well.

For more information, check out : Skytropolis Funland
Address: Level 1, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang.
Tel: 03-2718 1118.
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