Cups Café @ Balakong : A cafe with touch of Love

Cups Café is one of the café which is beautifully decorated with the touch of love and cozy ambiance. Run by a team of siblings, the cafe is not just serving great food and drinks, but food with love.

Walking into the restaurant which is located at the first floor of the shoplot, we walk through a garden feel decorated staircase and once you walk in to the café, you can feel the combination of nature together with a touch of Japanese design in it.  The interiors is beautifully decorated with the cherry blossom flower hanging from the ceiling making it like you are having some meals in the garden.

And what’s more interesting about Cups Café is where they are not just a normal cafe but a café with passion to food and bringing quality drinks and meals to serve you. We understand from Eileen, where the café makes their own ingredients from scratch as well as using their coffee grounds at this cafe are re-purposed as fertiliser to grow herbs, veggies and edible flowers used in this restaurant.

Not just that, having one of their siblings who is the chef from Australia, all their tarts, pasteries, cakes, pizza bases and all are homemade.



We started our meal here with their Hanging Muddy Wheel (RM 15.90). The MUST have in Cups Café, one definitely must enjoy this wholesome famous home baked bagel dipped with the chef’s special sauce hanged over a bowl of roasted tomato soup to perfection. The soup comes simply creamy with the robust flavours. We love the way the bagel coated with creamy fragrant cheese and dipped them into the tomato soup. It is just super awesome!

Teriyaki Pizza (RM 19.90)
The teriyaki pizza comes with the complete indulgence. The pizza which comes with the thin crust topped with the chunky chicken meat. Served with the teriyaki sauce, cheese and served with the bonito flakes for additional temptations.

Rosemary Chicken Chop (RM 19.90)
Grab this awesomely prepare chicken chop which is served in generous portion with the tender and moist chicken meat with the cheese sauce. Each bites of the chicken chop brings you with delicious robust flavours it.. Amazingly good.

And what’s more is one can enjoy their 3 tier hi-tea as well in one place. Grab your choice of 3 layers hi -tea (RM 68) or 2 layers hi tea (RM 55) here.  And in here we enjoyed the 3 layer hi-tea which comes with panacotta, fruit tart, cookies, macaroon, cream puff, slice cake, scone, salty waffle and sandwiches. Sides with the choices of coffee or tea. And one of my favorite is of course the macaroons as well as their mix berry cheesetart. Each of it is carefully prepared leaving you with the light and memorable hi-tea.

Look at the awesome pasteries. The macaroons and tarts comes simply addictive and each mouthful is such an indulgence. Yummy.
We love the salty waffle and the sandwiches too. The salty waffle is such a divine where you will totally indulge with every bites of it.
And this is one of my favorite of all where every bites is just heavenly

And in here, one can enjoy a nice  coffee and matcha as well. Using the dark roasted coffee from Musseti, one will definitely enjoy the light acidic coffee which comes with the aromatic blend. It is perfectly paired with their sweet treats for sure.

You can also enjoy the awesome matcha and hojicha here where they are carefully source from the Niko Niko Matcha. The matcha comes simply fragrant and smooth too. Well balanced.

For those who are looking for a comfort food and yet great ambiance, here is the place.
Cups Cafe.

Specially for mother’s day ; there will be a special made cake and flower FREE for those who bring their mummy to dine-in. T&C apply, reservation is require, while stock last. For more information can call us for inquiry at 017-812 5299

Address: 89-1, Jalan Dataran Cheras 5, Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, Balakong, 43200, Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor

Tel: 03-9547 9551

Hours: Sundays-Tuesdays: 11am-10pm; Thursdays: 11am-10pm; Fridays-Saturdays: 11am-11pm (Closed on Wednesdays)