Reunion & Prosperity Dinner at Mandarin Palace, Federal Hotel KL

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with the good fortune, good luck, good health and wealth at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The Federal Hotel KL welcomes you this year with the year of Earth Dog commencing on 16 February 2018. And Mandarin Palace brings you with great food for you to celebrate with your families and loves one where they have created the different menu and many dishes that symbolic meaning to longevity, reunion, perfection and good health.

Start your tossing with the yee sang and in Mandarin Palace they comes up with 5 choices of yee sang which includes Yee Sang with Dragon Fruits (RM 68 (half)| RM 98 (full)), Yee Sang with Snow Pear (RM 68 (half)| RM 98 (full)), Yee Sang with Salmon (RM 68 (half)| RM 98 (full)),Yee Sang in Thai Style(RM 68 (half)| RM 98 (full)) and Yee Sang with Jelly Fish (RM 68 (half)| RM 98 (full)).
After tossing your yee sang, warm your tummy with a bowl of soup where you can have this nutritious bowl of soup which is packed with herbs

Grab this Double Boiled Dried Top Shell & Fish Maw with Chicken with it. The soothing bowl of soup which is packed with all the nutritious blend. Nicely prepared with love and complete with sweetness from the seafood itself.

Savour yourself with the Steamed Farm Chicken with Scallop Gravy where they are beautifully silky skin leaving you with the moist texture. With the scallop gravy added to it, it makes the dish even more flavourful.

It is indeed a perfect enjoyment where you can have this awesomely prepared Steamed Tiger Grouper with Traditional Style. The grouper is perfectly steamed till perfection with the flaky texture of the meat itself while you can taste the sweetness of it as well.

And of course don’t miss out their Fried Prawns with Thick Soy sauce. The prawns are beautifully glazed with soy sauce and you can taste the sweetness of the prawns.  Personal love if the prawns are de-shelled.

Braised Black Mushroom and Bean Curd Skin with Vegetables.
Help yourself with their braised black mushroom with the topped of the bouncy sea cucumber on top and dried oyster.

And of course, don’t miss out their desserts which is the Sweetened Dragon Fruits with Ginseng and the two varieties of desserts.

The reunion table comes with 2 set menu where they have them at RM 1,288 nett for table of 10  or RM 688 for table of 6 and RM 1,488 nett for table of 10  or RM 928 for table of 6

And now you can booked a table with Federal Hotel, Please call 03-21489166 to reserve your table or visit their website at for more information

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