Texas Chicken brings you with a brand new concept!

Being one of the largest chicken restaurants chains in the region, Texas Chicken had added its 42nd new restaurant in Malaysia which is at the KLCC. The flagship brand for both the first in the global system with their new concept which is the Tex Café- gourmet Café and desserts.
The 1st Tex Café in the world, they brings you loads of special menu where one can enjoy the variety of cold and hot beverages where you can have  the cappuccino, latte, espresso, hot chocolate and the wide selections of cakes and  muffins.  In Texas Chicken and Tex Café in KLCC is completely different from many other Texas Chicken where they have a spacious and comfy sitting.
They have stations for you to charge your phone or laptops while you are enjoying desserts and food there. It is such as perfect space especially those who love to do some quick work and enjoying their meals here.
And in Tex Café, one can enjoy the variety of desserts such as the Strawberry and Chocolate Short cakes as well as a decent Chocolate Volcano as well. Hot and cold beverages are available and you can have both caffeinated and non caffeinated beverages.
Enjoy the Honey Butter biscuits which is their signature in Texas. Now you can have them in another flavours which is the Chocolate Chip Variant as well.
They do have muffins as well where you can grab the fragrant addictive chocolate muffins or the red velvet muffins
Decendant Chocolate Volcano Cake is one of the highlights and the cake is not too sweet and goes well with a scope of additional ice cream or even a cuppa of coffee.
Cheese Cake lovers would definitely in love with this. The delicious cheese cake with the hint of cocao not to heavy and not sweet.
If you are looking for an affordable desserts in the mall, hop to Tex Café in KLCC!  Texas Café is located at Concourse Level of Suria KLCC.
For more info on Texas Cafe, hop over to www.TexasChickenMalaysia.com
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