Sandwich Express @ Sunway Pyramid : Healthy Sandwich on the Go from RM 7.50

For those who are looking for some affordable dining experience with high quality Sandwiches, consider Sandwich Express. Opened in Ipoh and now to Kuala Lumpur, you will actually will be surprised with the sandwiches here.
Having 2 branches in town, one in Sunway Pyramid and another in KLCC. And in Sandwich Express they serves you with something alike Subway. Having a choice of 4 items priced from RM 7.50 onwards, one can enjoy their classic delights which is the crabstick mayo, egg mayo, and veggie delights to the premium (RM 10.90) where they have the club sandwich and beef streak.
Special : Roasted Chicken (RM 9.90)
As for this around, we had the Roasted Chicken  where it comes with the fresh chunky chicken slice together with  the fresh vegetables. The roasted chicken comes awesomely good and delicious and not just that, the buns are also crisply done. Awesomely Good !
Premium : Beef Streak  (RM 10.90) 
Enjoy the awesomelicious beef streak with your choice of bread either original, wholemeal or croissant (add RM 1.50). The croissant is crispy and the fillings are generous as well. We are impressed with the amount of the filling that they provide. Dressing wise, go for the roasted sesame which is recommended by their staff where it brings you with the extra layer of savouriness in it.
Not a bread person, then go for their salad. You can enjoy your healthy bowl of salad with all the goodies in one bowl. The greenies comes simply fresh and good.
Looking for some great deals, hop for their “Sandwich of the Day” where you can enjoy different sandwich for just RM 6.99. Monday is Tuna Mayo, Tuesday is Chicken Slice, Wednesday is Chicken Mayo, Thursday is Roasted Chicken, Friday is Egg Mayo, Saturday is Crabstick Mayo and Sunday is Turkey Slice.
For those looking for a more complete meal, combos are available with drink (RM2.50), drink + soup / salad (RM6.90) or all three of them for RM9.90.
Sandwich Express
Lot F1.58, Sunway Pyramid
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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