Jala, by The Andaman introduces an enhanced menu with a fresh twist

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi is delighted to unveil an enhanced a la carte menu for Jala that guarantees a refreshing dining experience in tranquil Datai Bay.

Inspired by his wanders along the local markets in Langkawi with his team of creative chefs, Kuala Lumpur native, Executive Chef Fahdrul Malek’s new menu is a marriage of Asian and Western flavours with cooking techniques that are bound to heighten the culinary experiences of food aficionados dining at Jala.

‘Cooking techniques are evolving day by day to further explore tastes that we never knew existed. With these new techniques, we want our diners to get new perspectives on the food they thought they were familiar with,‘says Chef Fahdrul. Chef Fahdrul will be adding twists to his dishes by using components such as the curry foam, where a regular curry is blended and aerated to create air bubbles that will provide a different mouthfeel and intensify the flavour of the curry.  Another unique component that Chef Fahdrul is adding on to the new menu is the tiger prawn paper, where a tiger prawn is flattened into a thin sheet and cooked using the sous vide method to give guests a unique take on the crustacean while keeping the flavours as in tact.

With a myriad of new dishes such as Beet Root and Coconut Salad, Grilled Octopus with Madras Curry and Smoked Paprika Cream, Soy-Marinated King Mackerel, Soy-Butter-Poached Selat Cincin Grouper and Organic Chicken Breast with Ginger Yoghurt and Tamarind Sauce, guests can expect different dishes made with locally sourced ingredients which further enhance Jala’s commitment to sustainability by supporting the local community.

Dessert enthusiasts can also expect new dessert selections such as Chef Fahdrul’s take on the Black Rainforest – a decadent dessert made from cherry mousse, chocolate cream and marinated cherries garnished with chocolate soil, frozen cream drops and a tangy cherry sorbet that is made a la minute using liquid nitrogen, which will guarantee a sweet ending to an exquisite dining experience.

Along with this new menu, Chef Fahdrul and his team of culinary experts are also putting on their green thumbs to work by starting an herb garden next to Jala. These herbs will be harvested and used as ingredients in all Jala’s dishes, ensuring each dish to be as fresh as possible.

Jala offers the finest fresh seafood in an open kitchen concept, prepared in a fusion of Western and Asian cooking styles. Together with his team of experts, Chef Fahdrul is set to invite diners to immerse in a truly enchanting dining experience complemented by exceptional Malaysian hospitality.

Located on National Geographic’s 9th Best Beach in the world, Jala – a fisherman’s cast net in Malay, is The Andaman’s exclusive sustainable seafood dining venue. Awarded the 4th Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Malaysia by TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award, Jala is a destination restaurant for Langkawi that promises an elevated culinary experience to its guests.

Designed exquisitely by Grey Canopy, the venue exudes a rustic, vernacular and natural beach side ambiance. Faithful to the resort’s mission to preserve Mother Nature, the architecture is stripped to its most basic form – allowing the environment to take centre-stage. Diners at Jala will walk on sand flooring, a sensation that will introduce what vernacular-living entails.  The surrounding rainforest and bay, walls have been kept at a minimum, ensuring guests feel the outdoors, indoors.

For more information about Jala or to make a reservation, please contact the resort at +604-959-1088 or email [email protected].

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