Joyous Seafood & Wine Bar, Sri Petaling : A hidden jewel for wine and seafood

A nice hidden gem in Sri Petaling, for meals or even for some wine. This nice place by the name of Joyous Seafood did not disappoint us though with their food or even their wine selection. The combination for friends, leisure or party is all in one place.
Premium Fresh Oyster (RM 45 per dozen) 
Enjoy these fresh delighting fresh oysters which is simply good and fresh. The oysters comes simply pulpy and slurps your oyster just like this or with a squeeze of lemon on top. It is indeed addictively delicious.
Garlic Pork Belly (RM 12 per stick) / Shitake – Mushroom (RM 6 per stick)/ Scallop (RM 12 per stick)
The pork belly is just perfectly done with glazed of garlic on top. The pork belly comes moist; juicy but not too try. Nicely done and grilled. Well paired with some wine too. And not just that, the mushroom is lightly grilled till perfection so as well as the scallops. Nice one.
Surume Ika – Squid (RM 28 per plate)
One of my favourites of the night is of course the squid. Squid lover would definitely falling in love with the squids here as it is perfectly done with the moist and chewy bites. Addictively delicious and I had indeed forgotten about the cholesterol.
Beef (RM 15 per stick)
Beef lovers would definitely go for this. Being one of the signatures here, beef lovers should go for this where they really made an effort to grilled them perfectly for the client with the complete juiciness in it.
Chicken Wings (RM 18 per stick) 
Easy to eat and munch. Not like the conventional chicken wings which is difficult to munch, this is good where they are perfectly skewed and barbecue.
Ebi Tempura – Prawn (RM 8 per plate)
Salmon (RM 30 per plate)
Soft Shell Crab Karaage (RM 25 per plate)
Aburi Salmon Salad (RM 20 per plate)
Other nibbles to try includes the ebi tempura, salmon, soft shell crab karaage, aburi salmon salad and more.
While enjoying these awesome delights, do sample their wine selection too where they have wide range of wine to go for from average price wine to hi-range priced wine.
Not just that, serving of cheese will be provided for free when you order any champagne or wine here. Well, overall Joyous Place is indeed a place for everyone regardless coming here with family or enjoying some nibbles and talking about business or private functions.
They have Joyous Club which is just above the Seafood Restaurant and Wine Bar where the club is bringing you if you love to have some private functions. In Joyous Club, one can enjoy not just food and party, but they have karaoke systems and piano too.
You may also enjoy Happy Hour promotions up to 20% discounts on it’s wine and up to 15% on its foods from 4pm-8pm daily.
Joyous Place are open daily (except Sunday) from 4pm to 1am.
Joyous Place Sdn Bhd
16, Jln Radin Bagus 7, Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Location: 3.0704311,101.6924143

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