Beggar’s Chicken at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Visit Dynasty Restaurant from 6 April to 11 May 2017 as Executive Chef Kok Chee Kin presents the masterpiece of Chinese cuisine, the Beggar’s Chicken or also known as the Emperor’s Chicken. With the Year of the Rooster gearing into the second quarter, impress your family, friends or business associates as you enjoy this traditional dish with choices of Emperor’s Set Menus.
Originating in China during the Qing dynasty, it is believed that a starving beggar once stole a chicken and hid it in the mud. When he returned to retrieve the chicken later, it was covered in mud. He started a fire and placed the entire mud-wrapped chicken into it as he had no cooking utensils. As the chicken was roasting, a clay crust formed around it. When the beggar cracked open the crust, the feathers fell off the bird revealing its aromatic and tender meat. The Emperor who was passing through stopped to dine with the beggar and declared the dish so delicious it was added to the royal menu.
Available for lunch and dinner, Chef Kin offers 2 versions of this well-loved royal dish – steamed or baked. The chicken is steeped in aromatic herbs and Chinese spices the day before and undergoes a quick deep-fry to brown its skin. It is then wrapped in lotus leaf followed by a tight layer of aluminium foil to contain its flavors and retain the juices, and steamed for 4 hours before it arrives at the dining table.
For his second version, Chef Kin covers the foil with a flour-based dough and bakes it in an oven for an hour to replicate the original dish which is traditionally roasted in clay or mud. Diners can either choose to have a regular Beggar’s chicken, Ancient clay baked beggar’s chicken, Braised farm chicken with whole baby abalone and Chinese herbs, Braised farm chicken with sea cucumber and mushroom or Braised farm chicken with fish maw and whole 5-head abalone. Prices start from RM38nett for half a chicken and RM68nett for a whole chicken. A 24-hour advance order for the Beggar’s Chicken is required.
For a complete culinary experience, ask for any of the 5 Emperor’s Set Menu inclusive of a Beggar’s Chicken. The Emperor’s Set Menu starts at RM138nett per person for a minimum of 2 persons dining or RM1,888nett for a table of 10 persons.
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