Stuffie: A new Social Apps that get you addicted

Have you heard of Stuffiee? I am indeed love the apps as it is well categorized. Well it would be good if you can have all your memories well categorized in one place. And now don’t waste time finding back your old post by scrolling and searching up and down.

With Stuffiee; have all your stuff all in your phone and you can share them with your friends. What I love is you can have them well categorized such as Travel, Ride, Food, Sports, Fashion, Gadgets and more. Have them all well categorized and save them here. You can also add in your wish list as well.

I had taken the picture of the camera and now i can categorize it

They are well categorize under gadget following it will be phone, laptop, camera and console as well.
Not just that, you can easily recommend friends with the latest hypes and also share them with your friends on what are you going, up to and more.

Not just that, you can also enjoy the Social Ambassador where you can have your picture shared with your friends.

SIMPLE 4 steps approach to be an expert in a category!

Step 1 : Unlock Ambassador wall – 200 friends
Step 2 : Rewarded to use “Stuffiee Ranking System” – System operates based on engagement from your friends! ( Share, Like or Comments). It’s a fair system compared to any other social media platforms since the friends vote ( Share, Like or Comments) and it is not based on what you think you are good in but what others think you are good in.
Step 3 : Be active in what you enjoy posting!
Step 4 : The more active you are, the higher the chance to become an expert in your category

To improve your rank, simply earn more likes and connect to more friends!
Level 1 : Lieutenant
Level 2 : Captain
Level 3 : Major
Level 4 : Colonel
Level 5 : General
Overall, have some fun with Stuffie and now you can categorize your pictures, share your pictures, and find out your friends interest too. There is also wishlist page where you can know what’s your friend wants or your love ones. No more buying the wrong gift.

Now; enjoy this latest Social Apps-Stuffiee now. And now Stuffiee’s Photo Contest will begin Feb 26, 2017.
Contest mechanics are as below:
Show them your stuffs #ShowStuffs and win RM1,000 every 2 weeks!

To Participate :
Download Stuffiee on Google Play
Post your stuff that YOU ARE MOST PROUD OF on Stuffiee
Share it on your Facebook or Instagram and tag #showstuffs
We will give cash of RM1,000 EVERY 2 WEEKS to the most awesome stuffs shown on #showstuffs

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