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Ever since Pavilion Elite had open their doors earlier, you can have your great exciting meals in many eateries here. One of them is Sanook which is the same brand from the prestigious Thai Restaurant Chakri Palace. Opening their second branch after their success in the outlet in Sunway Pyramid 3; they had recently brings you with the yummi-licious new menu. With the concept of FUN dining, Sanoook brings you with he concept of FUN dining with friends and being Malaysian, we always relates everything with FOOD.
Thai  Coconut Soup with Chicken Wonton (RM17.90)
A unique delights to go for; Thai Coconut Soup which comes together with the chicken wanton. The creamy taste of coconut brooth with the pluppy chicken wanton is amazingly good and nice.
Grilled Chicken with Green Curry Sauce
Choice of beef and chicken, the burgers are prepared with the sushi rice  and sandwich is between is the chicken meat with some greenies. Sides with their curry sauce together with some corns with it.
Chicken Skewers / Beef Skewers  (RM18.90)
Enjoy the chicken skewer or beef skewers of your choice. The tender moist meat is something you definitely love and it is well paired with the scrumptious corn with it.
Sanoook Vegetarian Sushi Roll with Sesame Mayonnaise RM20.90
Grilled Tuna Sushi Roll with Spicy Tom Yam Sauce RM28.90
Sushi lover would definite fall in love with this. The fusion Thai Sushi with a wide choices and styles. Have them with the choice of vegetarian, tuna and many other choices.
Asides, if you are looking for some usual Thai delights, they have them too. Enjoy the delicious Thai sensation where one can have Pad Thai Noodles with Prawns (RM 21.90) or Thai fried rice (RM 22.90)
Ends your meal with of course some great desserts.They delivers their desserts beautifully in cone where you can have the ice cream at the below while at the up comes a scope of sticky rice on top.
Thai Volcanos are also one of the things you can die for here. The thirst quenchers which comes awesomely good. Choice of  Thai Volcano with Thai Milk Tea, Fuji Volcano with Green Tea and Coco Volcano are some of those to go for.
Pavilion Elite Shopping Mall
165, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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