Morgan Instant Boiler: 5 reason why you should have this!

It is always my concern when I am buying a thermos or even any electrical appliances especially dealing with hot water. As my hot thermos is faulty recently; I found this new Morgan thermos which comes to my rescue. The instant boiler comes with the 4.0 litre capacity ( 2200-2600W)
With the Morgan auto-lock, you are assured that the thermos is having the auto lock and it safe cause children could not press the water out on their own. It needed to press for few seconds before the hot water release.
Save electricity
As it is not boiling water all whole day like the old thermos style, you will definitely save your bills as it only boils when you need it.  And with this you can actually save electricity.
Set your temperature to your preference
Set the temperature that you want too. I love this function especially when we are making milk for kids as well as making coffee. It is not necessary to use 100 degrees for all, and with the different temperature setting, it makes me easier in making milk for my little girl. Not just that, it comes with 100 ml, 200 ml and 300 ml selection that makes my work even easier where I just pre-set everything and make my drink without waiting there.
LED Light Indicator
LED light indicator is indeed one of the featured I love. Not just to confirm that the appliances is working well when during the night. It is simply good when you have a baby at home and you are afraid of waking them up, this small lighting indeed helps a lot.
Aren’t it look classy? You can use them in office or even home and it is simply nice and beautiful. With the stainless steel look and blue light when the water boils it comes with blue light.
Why not get them now at any Morgan distributors. It is RRP at RM 399 ( WM) and RM 409 (EM)
For more information , checkout their web:

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