Make it Personal this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches! Whether you are hunting for an ideal dining spot, or searching for a special gift, there is a lot to do ahead of the V-Day. Many bemoan that Valentines Day is now a little comercialised, so for this coming year’s, we suggest you make it more personal for your partner by gifting something that is more meaningful.
Carousell’s Valentine’s Day edition has you covered with plenty of handcrafted and handmade items that you could customise as presents. Here are some fun and unique ideas on Carousell’s marketplace that could help get you started!

Felt DIY Love Photo Album
Money can buy many things, but the best gifts are made with love. Keep your best memories in this handmade photo album for a meaningful present. Pick your most memorable moments, and it’ll be something to cherish for a long time. Included are also stickers, decorative tape and coloured pens for you to personalise it and make it your own! Check out other amazing DIY gifts from @lootersbox or @warmheartDIYs.

Customisable DIY Films
With social media and online photo albums, capturing a moment in photos seems to have lost its personal touch. A similar and seemingly unassuming gift would be a film roll with a small print of all your best memories together. It’s small and simple, and would make a lovely surprise for anyone who is unrolling a strip of photos.

Personalised cards
No gift is complete without a card, and nothing is more special than one that is specially designed for your partner, with a message from you. Check out the unique custom water-colour and calligraphy prints from @hswritesandsuch as well as @thegiver! also have very intricate paperwork cards for Valentines and other occasions.


Customisable Laptop Sleeve
Wow your man with a customisable laptop or tablet sleeve for the other love in his life, his tech gadgets. Made with felt, the sleeve is light, stylish and functional. On top of that, @daily_essentials also offers free engraving to further personalise the gift.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Lego Set
We don’t know any guy who is not a Star Wars fanatic! Consider a Lego set gift that will not only be a great addition to his set of Star Wars collectibles, but also provides a hands-on activity for both of you to spend some quality time together! Carouseller @williamctt has an amazing variety of Lego Sets for Star Wars fans and non-fans alike.

Handmade Travelogue Book
No matter where in the world your travels take the both of you, it would be nice to record the memories with one of these customised notebooks. These notebooks made of genuine leather allow for name stamps, and will keep you organized from start to finish on your next adventures together.

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