Introducing a Richer Break Inspired by KitKat® Chocolatory®

Following the successful launch of KitKat Chocolatory in Kuala Lumpur last year – the first and only KitKat concept store in Southeast Asia, Nestlé Malaysia is launching a new range of premium chocolate bars inspired from this KitKat Chocolatory Store. With this launch of KitKat Bars, the Kit Kat Chocolatory break will be available for everyone, nationwide.

The new KitKat Bar offers chocolate lovers a richer break filled with premium inclusions and a higher ratio of chocolate. The 8-finger tablet is crafted with two layers of extra crispy wafer and a layer of indulgent creamy chocolate, wrapped in more smooth milk chocolate. Each bar is individually packaged inside a foil pack and premium box to ensure it’s enjoyed at its best. At launch, the KitKat Bar will come in two exciting flavours: Hazelnut & Cookies and Double Chocolate.
The launch of KitKat Bar comes amidst growing demand for premium and personalised chocolate.
Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Officer Confectionary for ASEAN explained, “At Nestlé, we are always looking to achieve greater heights with our products. We propelled the KitKat brand to become the #1 chocolate in Malaysia by consistently delivering quality wafer and chocolate products. But we see consumer behaviour and preferences evolving. There’s a growing demand for more premium and personalised products – not just in the confectionery category.”

“It’s our job as market leader to drive chocolate creation, with a passion” Mr Sachin Goel, Business Executive Officer Confectionary for ASEAN, elaborated. “And that’s exactly what KitKat Chocolatory is. Customers now want bespoke food experiences – so we opened our concept store in Kuala Lumpur, and gave them 10,000 personalised breaks… In one place!”

“The KitKat concept store also allowed us to get closer and hear what consumers wanted. It was their preferences that inspired the new KitKat Bar.” Goel explained. “The KitKat Bar is a result of the most popular ingredients Malaysian’s chose during customisation. We took the two best flavour combinations and put it inside a bar that is now available across the country and not only inside KitKat Chocolatory. So now all our consumers can continue to enjoy KitKat not only in its popular variants, but also in a more indulgent format that was inspired by them.”

KitKat Chocolatory pop-up store opening in Pavilion KL, for one week only.

In conjunction with the launch of KitKat Bar, a pop-up store carrying a range of KitKat products will be opened in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 8 February to 14 February 2017. The store will give people a taste of the KitKat Chocolatory break experience by allowing fans to create their one-of-a-kind break and personalise the packaging it comes in.
Additionally, for indulgent chocolate lovers, from January to March 2017, KitKat Bar will be sold at a promotional price of RM6.90. It will be made available in all convenience stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets across the country, and online for e-shoppers, exclusively on 11street (
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