Frasier Pave Pure Indulgence

Smooth, sweet and everything nice. Look out for another splendid creation this February, frasier pave cake.

Divided into four layers, each fluffy almond sponge layer is smothered by sweet strawberry mousse. Fresh strawberries are decorated as the top layer. After the second layer of almond sponge, spread some strawberry mousse and sliced strawberries on top. For the finale, spread some apricot glaze on the strawberries to give it a glossy effect and also some gold leaf. Definitely a must-try cake!

Pamper yourself with this awesome delight. Available throughout the day at RM15.00 nett per slice, RM110.00 nett per kg. For orders, please call Melting Pot Café at 2717 2233.

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