Burgers & Lobsters @ Sky Avenue : First in Malaysia

When everyone is talking about it- Burger & Lobsters is indeed one of the restaurant MUST visit here in Sky Avenue, Bringing you with the famous seafood joint where it is highly anticipated and earning loads of reviews even before it is officially launched. The restaurant is one of the restaurants which is packed with patrons in Sky Avenue where you will be amazed people are queuing up to get a try of them. 
And this round, we are glad to have this opportunity to dine in Burger & Lobsters and the food here is not overpriced as many had set. It is indeed worth to wait for where you can enjoy the fresh lobster caught directly from the tank to serve to your plate and of course with the experienced chef handling the food for you. 
Menu are not long winded and too many pages. Only 2 page; yes 2 page menu where 1 for the food and 1 for the drink. Have their signature burgers, lobsters or lobster roll and that’s what they served.
About Burger & Lobster 

Originates from UK, and being one and the first outlet in Asia at Sky Avenue. The restaurant boasting with 3,500 sq feet space and bringing you with the awesome spread of goodness here. The Seating at Burgers and Lobster  is indeed beautiful. Sit the at your pleasure and comfortably. Burgers & Lobsters specialises in premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada, which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA.
The B&L Burger 
(RM138.00 Member/RM153.00 Non Member) 
Served with their 224 gram burger patty together with the lobster meat on top. Topped with the custom baked sesame seed brioche bun with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, the restaurant’s own in-house pickles, and Burger & Lobster’s secret sauce. Sides with the crispy chips and salads with it. Choose how your burger is done either medium rare of fully cooked and we had ours in medium rare. This is indeed a good one and deliciously good where every mouthful is just heavenly. 
Seven Samurai Lobster Rolls 
(RM95.00 Member/RM105.00 Non Member)
For lazy people like me who does not want to mess up my hand; grab the Seven Samurai Lobster Roll here. Filled with chunks of lobster meat together with their signature Seven Spices Sauce and served chilled in a signature toasted brioche roll, accompanied by chips and salad. Seven Samurai Lobster Rolls is a Malaysian outlet menu special and is not available in any other Burger&Lobster elsewhere. Pretty controversial on its own and have been quite a talk among foodies who prefers strictly original Lobster Rolls, but I assure you that this does not disappoint.
Chilli Lobster 
(RM158.00 Member/RM173.00 Non Member)
Burger & Lobsters brings you with their awesomelicious delights  which is only available in Malaysia. Yes, JUST in Malaysia and this Chili Lobster is the best seller here. Served in claypot; enjoy them with your hand and make your hand dirty and dipped the toasted brioche rolls into the sweet and sourish gravy with the hint of spiciness in it. Just perfect and is finger lickering good. Yummz! 

The Original Steamed Lobster 
(RM138.00 Genting Member/ RM153.00 Non-Member)

The Original Grilled Lobster
 ( RM138.00 Genting Member / RM153.00 Non-Member)
Have your lobster either the grilled version or the steam version, you say them all. Weighing about 700 grams; the lobster is being steamed or grilled to you preference. The lobster comes simply fresh and juicy and it comes simply sweet and good. If you are a big fans of lobster, be sure to order this and you would definitely love it. For me, I preferred the grilled version which brings you the hint of light char-taste with the natural seafood sweetness in it.
Time Keeper 
(RM21.00 Genting Member/RM24.00 Non Member).
Don’t miss out their drinks selection too. They do serves nice cocktails and mocktails and one of the must to have is the Time Keeper. Served win plastic bag, and it is something unique to enjoy here. 

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Address: Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Tel: 03-6105 9186

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