Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road: Affordable Hidden Jewel Japanese Delights

A hidden jewel of Japanese delights, the restaurant indeed bringing me a homey food and yet deliciously done.
Setting up their first outlet here in Avantas Residence along Old Klang Road, it is easy to spot but you might miss the turning junction, so go slow when you are about to reach.
Kimi-Ya brings you with the wooden theme  and when you stepped in the restaurant, we are greeted and well served to our seats.Service are pretty good and not just that, the menu is also extensive with an affordable price.
Yasai Salad (RM 18)
Their salad choices comes simply extensive where you can find huge selection from Yasai Salad, Kaori Bako Kani Salad, Kimi-Ya Soft Shell Crab Salad and also Kaisen Salad. And this round, we enjoy the Yasai Salad where the salad is completed with fresh ingredients such as the Seaweed, Avacado, Seamoss with Assorted Vegetables. Served together with the option of 3 dressing which is Sesame, Wafu and also Yuzu Dressing. The ingredients are simply fresh and the sesame sauce which is home made comes simply aromatic and well match with the salad itself.
The bowl of goodies where the air-flown fish is all decorated on top of the bowl of  ice. Served with the freshly cutted salmon from the sushi bar where you can enjoy diner’s favorites- Salmon, yellow tail, tuna belly, scallops and white tuna all in one.
Goushuu No Wagyu Ishiyaki Miso (RM 120)
Heavenly! A word to describe the dish. Using the premium wagyu beef/ ribeye from Australia; is time for you to ploy your wagyu now. Grilled on top of the hot stone using the traditional way; it is believed that it will make the wagyu taste better and more aromatic. Enjoy your own wagyu grilled up to your preference either half-cooked, or fully cooked. Dipped them into their homemade miso for better flavours. You can even have the wagyu grilled together with the miso. Is up to your choice!
Grilled Rendokai(RM 160)
Have them either sashimi style, grilled or any of your prefrance. We had them grilled where the fish comes simply sweet with the seafood sweetness and the meat comes simply flaky. Marination is light but the flavours are well infused making every mouthful simply addictive.
Ebi Ninniku Kushiyaki (RM 23.00)
They do served kushiyaki here too. Have your shrimps well greilled till perfection and served in skewers. The shrimps comes simply sweet and topped with the fragrant twist of garlic mayonnaise on top. Something unique to go for.
Zuwaigani tempura
Who don’t like fried stuff? I do love my fried stuff too. The Zuwaigani tempura comes with the golden yellow crispy snow crab, together with the battered vegetables with it.
Tempura Curry (RM 30)
Enjoy the hearty bowl of the creamy tempura curry. Hop and enjoy till the fullest with the creamy blend of curry fragrantly done. This delicious curry with the thin  tempura prawns comes awesomely good and delicious where one will definitely die for.
Asari Udon to Sushi Gozen (RM 48)
For those who wants a filling meals or a set meal, they have them as well. A variety of sets available in their selection which comes pretty affordable and portion are huge. We had one of their signatures which is the hot wheat udon is being cooked with the clam soup and also assorted sushi. Sides with also chawanmushi, and some appetisers and fruits with it. The udon comes simply delicious adnd slurpilicious with the clear light flavourful broth. Nicely done.
Abekawa Mochi (RM10.00)
This is m first time having this and it is one of the famous deights in Japan. The homemade rice cake with the red bean paste by the side and topped with loads of soybean powder on top. Awesomely good.
Mizu Shingen Mochi (RM 10.00)
Enjoy the famous Japanese Raindrop Cake here. Enjoy the raindrop cake which is served with the brown sugar syrup and soybean powder. The bouncy delights which definitely tempt you till the fullest!
G-2, Avantas Residences, 162, Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur 58000
013-239 3406
Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 3:00PM, 6:00PM – 10:30PM (Daily)
GPS Location: 3.1002328,101.6766939

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