Have a HaHa New Year at Wendy’s

This year, Wendy’s brings you with the great New Year. In conjunction with the year of the fire roaster, Wendy’s Malaysia is introducing the HaHa Burger for the first time in Malaysia shores.
And this year, Wendy’s bring you with the Haha Burger which means “Ha” that sounds like laughter and serving shrimps symbolizes a happy year end. As we know, the Chinese Community would often eat shrimps on Chinese New Year where it brings the person happiness and good fortune for the year. They added them with lettuce which brings you with prosperity.
And this year, you can enjoy the Haha Burger where it is served with the deep fried chunks of shrimp loaded in burger patty, and topped with the lettuce and tartar sauce all tucked in Wendy’s Signature glazed bun. For the combo, price starts from RM 11.88 where it comes with the natural cut fries, and Minute Maid Orange Juice.
Not just that, Wendy’s had added their last year Chinese New Year Promotion to their main menu. And now, you can have Mushroom Melt with the choice of chicken and beef with it. You can have them in ala-carte or in combo meals now.
Checkout Wendy’s now for their new Chinese New Year delights or even their new added item too.

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