Dyson Supersonic

As you know, Dyson is a global technology company that through the power of engineering and invention solves problems that others ignore. It started out with James Dyson’s liberation of the vacuum cleaner from the limitations of the bag filter, and in more recent times, the ridding of conventional blades in fans.

Now, Dyson is set to redefine hair care, by reinventing technology that has fundamentally remained unchanged since the 1960s. This is made possible through relentless innovation in one of our core technologies – the Dyson Digital Motor. This has enabled Dyson to design machines that are smaller and yet more powerful.

In April 2016, Dyson made a bold move into the business of beauty with the release of the Dyson Supersonic – the hair dryer rethought. Hailed as a ‘Game Changer’ by Vogue, the Dyson Supersonic made headlines worldwide.After much anticipation of its arrival into Malaysia, we are ecstatic to announce that the Supersonic Hair Dryer is officially launched in South East Asia!

The launch took place in Bangkok, Thailand on January 17th, which began with Graeme McPherson (Head of Haircare Product Development) providing insights on the problems this new Dyson machine solves, its design philosophy, and how the machine works. A live stage demo was then conducted by one of Thailand’s leading hair stylists, Krit Jirakietwattana (Kong), with Miss Universe Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong (Nat Aniporn). Attendees then had the opportunity to get hands on with the Dyson Supersonic, as well as experience the technology in action at pop-up blow dry stations.

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