Chun Ciou Hot Pot @ Old Klang Road: 1st Authentic Taiwanese Steamboat

Chun Ciou Hot Pot; a place for steamboat at anytime whether is afternoon or night. Capturing my attention is they are the 1st authentic Taiwanese imperial served-to-table hot pot buffet in Malaysia.
Not just that Chun Ciou Hotpot also imported all the ingredients from Taiwan such as the brooth and some of their meatballs to ensure you “A Taste of Taiwan” here.
Under a Taiwanese Group, Chun Ciao Hot Pot is targeting on All-You-Can-Eat Sukiyaki with the combination theme of Spring and Autumn As you walk in the restaurant, you will get the feel of relaxing with the wooden textures and bamboo alike beams by the side. At the darker tonnes in the restaurant, the ambience is indeed a good one just like sitting down by the tea house and enjoying shabu shabu.
Starting with the soup base, they comes with 6 selection of broth that is Sukiyaki Soup, Lakesalt Soup, Tonkatsu Soup, Spicy Soup, Herbal Soup, and Tomyam Soup. And whats their signature? It would be their Sukiyaki Soup and Lakesalt Soup where both is meant for shabu shabu.
Both the soup comes simply unique and they are meant to be boiled with all the goodies. And with this, you are assured, all are well soak with the flavourful soup and the flavours are infused inside.
Both the soup comes simply unique and they are meant to be boiled with all the goodies. And with this, you are assured, all are well soak with the flavourful soup and the flavours are infused inside.
Before starts anything, try making your sauce first. Create your own sauce for dipping which is the Golden Egg Yolk Suki Yaki Sauce. The way is just simple:
1. Add sesame sauce
2. Add 1 egg yolk
3. Add chopped shallots and spring onions
4. Add a dash of shichimi to spice up the sauce
Mix them all and it is now ready to dip. You will be sure to enjoy this superbly delicious sauce and dip them in your freshly cooked meat. It is said that this sauce will enhance the overall texture of the meat and also add the juiciness in it.
Not a fans of this, no worries as they have plenty for you to choose from. Help your self with the variety of sauces from the buffet bar where they have chilli sauce, fruit sauce, satay paste, soy sauce, sesame sauce, bean curd sauce, sha cha sauce, spring onion, parsley, garlic and also chopped chilli.
Enjoy their fresh meats where they have the imported premium meat such as Australian strip loin, Australian rib eye, lamb shoulder roll, pork belly, pork shoulder, pork neck, chicken fillet and duck roll. For me, I love the pork shoulder and pork belly. Left them inside and shabu shabu and you can enjoy the moist and juicy texture of the meat itself. Awesome!
They also served a large variety  of Taiwanese Balls such as wasabi ball, spicy fish ball, cheese fish tofu ball, premium cuttle fish ball (in black), taro fish ball, sincere ball, premium prawn ball, red heart ball, mushroom fish ball, pork tendon ball, ham ball, fish and squid mixture ball, white fish ball, handmade meat ball  and many more. Help your self with loads of their steamboat ingredients where you would be pampered with the hot sesame bun, abalone slice, special tofu, tamago and mua chee ball with black sesame inside. As for me, capturing my attention is all those balls especially the spicy fish balls, premium cuttle fish, mushroom fish balls, and fish & squid fish balls to name a few. Their selection of fish balls in indeed unique and tempting and we are loaded with loads of it.
And of course, having steamboat we must go for vegetables too and also noodles. In Chun Ciou Hot Pot; plenty of vegetables for you to go for and you will get the wide variety which includes pumpkin, cabbage, tomato, carrot, chinese yam, sweet potato, cucumber, chinese fungus, bok choy, spinach, white carrot, mushroom, abalone mushroom, golden mushroom and eggplant. As for noodles selection; they do have quite a number to choose from too such as udon and also glass noodles.
Oh ya, don’t miss the braised pork rice. I don’t mind having another bowl of rice. Is super-licious!
Don’t miss out the desserts selection where one can go for some red bean soup, ice cream, sweet lemon slice and also bird nest.
Well, why wait! Get your table booked now
Adults Lunch: Mon to Fri from 12noon to 3pm RM60++
Adults Dinner: Mon to Fri from 5pm to 11pm RM75++
Adults All Day: Sat & Sun RM75+
*Note: All prices are subject to 10% service tax and 6% GST
Address: 306, Batu, 3, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 12-688 2860

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