Celebrate Chinese New Year @ Ruyi & Lynn, BSC

Famed from their nasi lemak sushi and many more, Ruyi is no longer something NEW in the market. They also had won several awards inclusive MIGF awards and the latest one is the HAPA awards recently. This year, Ruyi brings you with an extensive menu which covers a variety of delights to go for this CNY.
QQ Chicks Speciality Yee Sang 
It is too cute to be eaten and I am amazed how chef doing it. Served with the fresh ingredients; chef had made a nice decoration with various of topping inclusive carrots, alfalfa, greenies, purple cabbage, and many more. Toss your prosperity this year in Ruyi and enjoy these beautiful chicks in your tossing too!
Bird ‘s Nest Tofu Flower Soup With Shark’s Fin & scallop 
An imaginary alike the flower tea we usually had but here chef made it simply unique. The chef had craft the tofu alike a “mautan flower” and once he poured the soup into it, the tofu starts to float up just like a beautiful flower on top of the water. This is where the chef well crafted the flower beautifully and the soup is very delicious and soothing where it comes with the bird’s nest, together with the shark’s fin and scallop.
Pagoda Of Dream 
The duck is well braised and sliced in long strip, rolled up layer by layer just like a mini pagoda. The duck meat is just amazingly done, flavourful and yet moist and juicy. And it is sides with dried oyster & fatt choy with it.
Salted Mountain Chicken
Start your excitement now! Presented in the block of salt ice where the chicken is in the inside. Play some games now, where break the salt ice and you will then need to find the jewel hidden in it. The traditional Chinese Wrapped Chicken with Chinese Herbs is perfectly one of the must try here.  The braised chicken wrapped inside a paper like “Beggers Chicken” style. It is filled with the aromatic herbal taste with some wolfberry in it. And chicken is simply tender and juicy.
Lion’s Head “Soon Hock “
The delicious way of having the “soon hock” where the fish is chopped and mould them into fish paste alike. The dish is being steamed till perfection with the homemade pickle chili and minced vegetable. Delicious and unique!
Abalone Rice 
Ends your mains with the abalone rice. The abalone rice comes amazingly good where the rice is moist and flavourful. Served together with the button mushroom and crispy dried scallop
Crispy 3 Layered “Nian Gao
Love how the “nian gao” how it being served. The nian gao comes with 3 flavours such as the sweet potato, pumpkin layered in between. The “nian gao” comes simply good and delicious.

Why not have your CNY in Ruyi and booked your table there. Brings some surprises with your family members or even friends and business partners to Ruyi for a different experience of Chinese New Year there.
4th Floor Bangsar Shopping Center, No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Wilayah Persekutuan, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603-2083 0288
GPS Location: 3.1436948,101.6669246
Opening Hours
Sunday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm (Last order @ 2.30pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 6pm – 12am (Last order @ 11.00pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm (Last order @ 2.30pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 5pm – till late

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