Pokemon Hits is Here @ Pokemon Café, AEON Mid Valley

Is time for Pokemon. And here you go with the Brand New Pokemon Cafe which will be coming up this coming week which s on 23 October 2016. And this round for those who are a big fans of Pokemon, you will  be tempted with this new theme café. The pop up cafe will only be up for limited time where it will start from 23 November 2016 till 28 February 2017 bringing you the lates trend in the market.
Battle On Pikachu! Level Up with Rare Candy – RM34.90
The combination of the wrapped egg onlet with the beef or chicken in it. Sides with the pasta and salads. Not just that, they have the pokeball at the sides with the sweet.
Pokeball Cream Puff – RM34.90
The cream puff which is decorated with cream and the pokemon sorbet with it. It is indeed a nicely presented where the creampuff coated with chocolate and also sides with the cotton candy. And next to it is a crepe and top with a nice chocolate pen where you can make your drawing on top.
Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette – RM29.90
The Pikachu Smiling Omelette is served with the yellow rice (“nasi Kunyit”) and omelette with seaweed. Comes with the red curry in a cup. Nicely prepared.
Pokemon Cafe’s fried potato – RM29.90
Enjoy the fried potatoes together with the “fish cake” with Pokemon characters stamped on it. Served with the pokeball sauce with it.
“Wanna Get Tingling?” Volt Tackle Soda – RM18.90
Pokemon Cafe @ AEON 1F Midvalley
(Anista Tokyo 1st Floor AEON Mid Valley beside kids & Toys Department)
Pop-up period: 23 November 2016 – 28th February 2017

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