Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant : Heavenly Seafood in Town

Enjoy the great meal, sitting by the rustic setting of the boathouse concept. Get the feel from a fisherman’s lifestyle where you will be delighted with the gem from the seas especially prepared by the crew in the open kitchen concepts. And recently they had revamp their menu and bring you with more exiting dishes and choices.

Crunchy Fried Calamari with Mint Mayo (RM 28) 
A much of sensation, the fried calamari is perfectly deep fried where it brings you with the crunchy bites at the outside, were inside remains moist and juicy. Awesome-licious.
Gratinated Venus Clams (RM 28) 
One of my favourite appetizers, the fresh clams is well cooked till perfection and leaving you with the delicious scrumptious clams with the fresh light creamy taste in it. Awesomely good!
For those who want to enjoy some buns, order their rice bun and enjoy them with the fillings you love. Comes with 3 options of divinely delicious bun. We had the Gochujang Chili Salmon, Sweet Chrimps Mango Salad, and also the Cajun Spiced Lump Crab Cake. Each of it carefully portion and every mouthful is deliciously done. Awesome goodness!
Linguine “al-olio” with garlic, sautéed seafood, sweet basil, spiked with chili flakes (RM 43)
Enjoy the bowl of spaghetti which is well-cooked till al-dente with garlic, sautéed seafood, sweet basil and spoked with the chili flakes in it. The dish is simply awesome, especially the sauce which brings up the whole taste of it.
Live Catch Lobster (RM 218)
Enjoy your live catch lobster with a variety of sauces. Either wih the Lemon Butter Sauce, to Szechuan Pepper Chili, Thai Green Curry, Sweet and Sour Curry, Spicy Nyonya Sauce or even Japanese Curry. Enjoy the lobsters weighing around 650gm with your delicious preferred sauce and we had ours with the Szechuan Pepper Chili. The sauce is not too spicy but the aromatic chilly base is well infused in the lobster.
Saltwater Tiger Prawn with Green Curry and Pilaf Rice  
(RM 78) 
Enjoy the spicy sensation of the delicious spicy aromatic curry with the delicious portion of salt water tiger prawn. The tiger prawn comes pluppy and huge  and it is well paired with the pilaf rice. Nicely done !
Salted Crusted Whole Sea Bass (RM 138) 
My favorite of the night, a MUST to order here. The sea bass is being baked till perfection with the fresh aromatic herbs and it is served together with the mesclun salad in it. Do make the order early to avoid disappointment as it takes around 40 minutes to prepare this awesome dish.
Also don’t miss out their sweet delights as well. Having 5 choices of desserts, it will be definite to have a place for every one.
Pina Coladda (RM 20)
The classic combination which we had is pretty unique. Enjoy the delicious fresh pineapple combination with the coconut ice cream and marshmallows. Taste the zestiness of the pineapple with the creamy blend of ice cream in it.
Fisherman’s Cove Signature Caramel (RM 20) 
For those who love some sweet delicacies, enjoy the delicious signature where the crème caramel completes with the toffee and roasted almond. Awesomely done.
For those who are looking for an exciting menu with the wide spread of seafood delights, Fisherman Cove is indeed one of the restaurant you should visit when you are in Starhill.
Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +60 3-2782 3848
GPS Location :3.147754,101.713537
Opening Hours: 11 am – 10 pm

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