Tasty Tottori Food Fair @ Isetan Kuala Lumpur

For those who are looking for delicious Japanese delights where you can have the picturesque sceneries and indulgence for your gastronomic senses in the best that they can offer at Tottori Food and Tourism fair. It aims to showcase the Tottori Prefectures as an unforgettable holiday destination abundance in natural wonders and share some of its most popular fresh ingredients, food and authentic cuisine.

The experience is absolutely a MUST to enjoy where now you can shop the delicious items food items includes the Pine Noodle Crab, Nakamura Syoten, Smoked Soya Soil, juicy pears from Tottori, and also delicious ice cream from Daisy Farm.

You can find the variety f imported Sake, and noodles in their fair too. Not just that, one can meet and greet the famous Detective Canon, & Gagege No Kotaro  in Isetan KLCC – CF Food Market Entrance on Saturday (12 November 2016 ) (11am) , Sunday (13 November 2016) ( 1.30 pm ) , Saturday (19 November 2016)  ( 4.00 pm) and Sunday (20 November 2016)

And now why not head to Isetan Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the fair and grab some Japanese products

November 11-20 2016
Isetan KLCC- CF FoodMarket
Note: All pictures are taken with Casio ZR5000

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