Pic’s Nutty Whittakers Tart


Butter Base
(Tart Shell):
Anchor Unsalted Butter + Icing Sugar
150g + 50g
Egg (Grade A)
1 no
All Purpose Flour
300g + 2g
Pic’s Nutty
Whittakers Filling:
Anchor Whipping Cream
Whittaker Dark Chocolate (50%)
Anchor Unsalted Butter & Sea Salt
20g + A pinch
Pic’s Crunchy Peanut Butter (Salted)
As necessary
Pic’s Crunchy Peanut Butter (Salted)
As necessary


Butter Base:
1. Combine butter and icing sugar. Mix well
2. Add in egg. Mix in dry ingredient till form dough
3. Rest in the chiller for 30 minutes before rolling onto the tartlets mould.
4. Roll out the dough to 2mm thickness and fully bake the tart shells at 180°C for 13-15minutes.

Pic’s Nutty Whittakers  Filling:
1. Combine cream, chocolate, butter and a pinch of salt in the microwave. Stir till smooth
2. Pipe some Pic’s  Peanut Butter onto the coated tartlets shell

1. Fill the remaining shell with Whittakers Dark Chocolate Filling.
2. Allow the tarts to set in the chiller for 1 hour. Garnish with some Pic’s Peanut Butter on the surface before served.


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