McDonald’s Story Telling Contest 2016

Have you heard about the McDonalds Story Telling Contest. It is indeed a fun experience to gather around with the children and looking at their performance. During this time around, it is actually very impressive and also to know about this Story Telling Contest by McDonalds.
The story telling was done back in September 2016 till October 2016 where the kids perform a story telling and parents to upload them into the instagram (#McDStorytelling) and from there they had selected the children for one round and here they come for the audition. And here I am in one of their venue which is at the Sri Pinang Mc Donalds in Penang.
Why I love about this? 
It is actually indeed a good thing to have especially for young children. It builds their imagination, the way they bring up their self, their confidence level and also their vocal ability.
During the hour, we witness a lot of great stories by the children and filled of meanings behind the stories itself. They also reminds me of those younger days where we heard about those stories which left with lots of meaning behind the story.
And we have great fun judging the kids and indeed a great performance from the kids too. And I would give a kudos to all the kids which I think they are brave.
For the Grand Prize winner, they will get a huge prize which is a  4 pax trip to Warners Bros Movie World Australia with RM 5,000 worth prizes for winner’s school
Not just that, they do have a great prizes for 2nd prize, 3rd Prize, and Consolution prize too.
All the best to all the participants too.
For those who did not join, if you happen to be at the venue, do look-out for Ronald Mc Donald to entertain you with great stories and performance too.
Note: All pictures are taken with Casio ZR5000

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