Golden Thai Seafood (王金正宗泰国餐) @ Jalan Ipoh

For those who love Thai Delights, hop to Golden Thai Seafood to enjoy a great seafood sensation. Located just a few blocks away from the famous dumpling shop. The restaurant brings you with the authentic thai delights where the chef are from Thai while the boss is also half Thai descent as well.
White Tom Yam (RM 18) 
Boost your tastebuds with the delicious spicy tomyam. The tomyam soup bursting with the complete flavours of hot, spicy sensation which indeed burn your lips. Served together with some mushrooms, and seafood in it.
Kapow Pork (RM 13) 
We love this; where the minced pork is stir fried together with the basil leaves and loads of chilly padi. The dish comes simply impressive, super spicy with the bursting sensation of spiciness in it. Deliciously done !
Thai Fried Chicken (RM 12) 
If you are a big fans of fried chicken, do try the Thai Fried Chicken where it comes well marinated with their own version of thai paste. The chicken comes simply tender and juicy too.
BBQ Pork (RM 13) 
Love the porklicious meal, here they have the street delights of the BBQ pork. Grilled on the spot upon order; the bbq pork comes simply awesome with the juicy texture bbq pork and moist texture. I don’t mind adding few calories though.
Kerabu Noodles (RM 13) 
Kerabu Noodles is indeed what of the impressive dish to try off. Filled with flavours and appetizing.It is perfectly something that one must order here. The huge portion of the kerabu noodles, with the spicy sensation.
BBQ Fish (RM 65) 
The BBQ Fish here is awesomely good. The fish is well being coated with the load of salt and then it is being bbq. Please order them before hand to avoid disappointment or even a long waiting time where it takes around 20 – 30 minutes to prepare.
Fish Siakap (RM 56) 
Love to get some fishes? The siakap brings you with the super spicy taste and if you can’t take spicy, better don’t order this. The pipping spicy taste may not be a taste for everyone but if you love it; you will definitely dying forit.
Claypot Prawn (RM 25)
Claypot prawns is one of my favorite. Complete freshness in ingridients especially the prawns and the taste is just awesome. The glass noodles in the claypot had absorb all the juiciness and flavours from the prawns itself. Nicely done!
Paku Pakis (RM 13) 
If you are looking for a great taste of the Thai delights, Golden Thai Restaurant is indeed worth a visit.
485, Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.

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