Xin Cuisine is showcasing Canadian scallop delicacies specially prepared by Chef Wong Pak Seng throughout November.

Scallops are characterized by having two types of meat in one shell: the adductor muscle, called “scallop”, which is white and meaty, and the roe, called “coral”, which is red or white and soft. Sometimes, markets sell scallops already prepared in the shell, with only the adductor muscle intact. Outside the U.S., the scallop is often sold whole. In the UK and Australia, they are available both with and without the roe. The roe is also usually eaten.

Titillate your tastebuds with delectable dishes like stir-fried scallop with black pepper sauce, hot and spicy scallop skewer, stir-fried scallop with XO sauce and Japanese style scallop roll with salad sauce. Have it on its own or together with other side dishes.

Whether you are heading to Xin for lunch or dinner, these dishes are easily available. Canadian scallop promotion is tagged at RM50.00 nett per portion. For reservations, please call 2144 8750 (direct line).

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