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I love buying in Taobao or even many online websites. Sometimes we have big things, small things and it looks pretty cheap, but it is always our concern about delivery service and also l am pretty impressed with this platform. This platform bringing you with the dedicated and yet professional online shopping service is either China, Taiwan , USA market where you can buy as much as you can without worrying how to get them back to Malaysia. And not just that, the price of courier is something which bother me when shopping via taobao

Being a “Banana” it is always a hassle of shopping via chinese market place as I don’t understand what they write and usually I ended buying the wrong items. This are some of the problems I face when it goes to shopping via the usual way of TaoBao.

Now with ezbuy, all my problems are solved. n Ezbuy, one can buy almost everything from apparel, to shoes, to household appliances and more. Well, I can say I almost can get whatever I need there except for Food.

Well shopping online is always addictive as usual. Well let me tell you more why I love shopping at EzBuy?

1) Cheap 
It is always cheaper than many other places you can get in Malaysia. Most of the stuff here is more cheaper than usual where you can buy almost everything from home goods, to accesories, clothing and beauty products as well.

2) Prime Account (Cheaper Delivery Fees) 
Logging in and subscribing to their Prime Account is indeed a good deal. With one month of charges at RM 18.88 and get RM 188 for 12 month membership; you can have your shipping at RM 8.80 / delivery without needing to know how many things you had been shopping for the whole year. I am getting this for sure where it is something worth for it especially for someone like me who love buying kitchenware like me.

Step 1:Signing Up
Signing up and account  with your email and username. Fill up the relevant or you can choose to signup via facebook or google plus too. And now with signing up RM 15 voucher will be provided for your first purchase. So go here

Step 2: Shopping time
Enjoy your shopping by clicking on the left category. They are well categorised to all the item and sub item where you can go along with those details at there.

Step 3 : Product Page
You can choose which product you are looking it and buying them is simply simple. Just add them to your cart and you can proceed to checkout once you had made all your purchase.

Well one tips, if you are regular shopper, you can opt for Prime Account, where delivery are fix at RM 8.80 per delivery regardless on how much weight it is!

Great deal isn’t it ? So, now you can do your shopping now with ezbuy and now i have a great time shopping and waiting for my stuff to arrived in doorstep .

For those who do not plan for a prime account, you can actually go for the normal account but usually I will have problems to know how much I spent. In Taobao, I usually need to wait till the China Counter part let me know the cost for delivering once all item is purchased and wanted to ship and by then, you might be disappointed where you are paying quite a lot as you think it should be. With EzBuy you can also know how much you will be spending for your goods delivery now.

Step 1: Go to the cost conculator
Step 2: Choose Where you buy From either China, Taiwan , USA
Step 3: Pick the item that you buy; you can insert the kgs stated in the info page or you can get the approx kgs stated and the product values.
Step 4: Click on Calculate and you will get the total information on the shipping cost in totals and the duration of getting your items.
Of course, if you are a frequent buyer, do take up EzBuy as it will save u a big bulk in shipping charges


And now you can share some joy with your bff now. Pass the RM 15 shopping voucher to your friend and you can earn RM 15 too

It is now my happy day of shopping via Ezbuy.

No worries of language too. They are all in English and BM. Now you can have  fun shopping. At the same time, ezbuy is having 11.11 sales as well  and now is time to SHOP

Checkout NOW at EZBUY

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