You Mi Qi @ Old Klang Road : A taste of Shunde

Located at Old Klang Road, You Mi Qi indeed one of the restaurant to visit there. With the modern oriental decors with the Chinese artwork and calligraphy which adorn exposed concrete walls, the restaurant is famed for their Shunde delights. In YouMiQi, the chef are from China with 20 years of culinary experienced and you would be assured with their Shunde seafood dishes, such as the signature braised lobster with abalone and chicken, roasted goose, and braised chicken.
Shunde Braised
Live Seafood in Wok (Red Tail Catfish, Clam, Crab, Fuzuk)
Seasonal price
We are there to enjoy again their food. Start of with the  Live Seafood in Wok, the pick what you like style of the live seafood are all in one pot. Enjoy the Red Tail Catfish, Clams,Crabs, and aslo Fuzuk all in one wok.  The broth taste comes excellently good with seafood soup base and the soup comes skimpy sweet.


Flaming Prawn (RM120)
The fresh prawns is being soaked in the bowl of Chinese Wine and then it is cooked in fire. This is amazingly good and delicious where the prawns comes very fresh and pluppy. The Chinese Wine is well infused into the prawns making every mouthful of the prawns perfectly good.
The Roasted Standing Chicken (RM 88)
One of its signature is of course the Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken.Standing gracefully straight with the supporting by the metal stick. The chicken comes awesomely good with the crispy skin with it as well as the moist and juicy chicken meat. Firstly they cut the wings and drumstick, get the munch and you will feel the juiciness of the meat itself. As for the chicken breast meat, it is being dipped inside the chicken fats and every mouthful of the meat comes divinely good.


Steamred Eel with
Sauce (Seasonal price)
For those who love to grab some eels, try their steamed eel. Cutted in small pieces, the eel is being steamed till perfection and topped with their signature sauce. Every mouthful of the steamed eel is amazingly fresh and good. The aromatic sauce well infused in the fish itself.


Fried Sauced Lotus
Root (RM25)
Well stir fried till perfection, the lotus roots are thinly cutted and then it is being fried till perfection. It leaves a crispy textures in it.


The Golden Nestum Bun (RM16.00)
The fluffy bun with the creamy golden nestum malt in it. I love the milky sensation in it and every mouthful is awesomely good and delicious. It is such a good one to enjoy. Loving it.

 Red Bean Pan Cake
RM16 (6 pcs)/ RM29 (12 pcs)

 57, Jalan Klang Lama, Petaling Lama,
58100 Kuala
Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-7980 0855


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