Pastry Insitute of St Honore, TTDI : Learn your French Baking Here!

For those who are looking for some pastry class, there is one of the pastry school which are able to cater to your needs. From classes, to professional learning either part time or full time, you can actually learn them from at Pastry Institute of St Honore.

In here, St Honore are able to boast of having Michelin 5 star and award winning chef all under one roof. Not juts that, using the French apprenticeship teaching methodology, they cover a wide range of pastry making from French to modern pasteuriser as well as Chocolate and Sugar display using the wide range of classical to modern techniques.

Not just that, they brings us with the café like environment where it is surrounded by the creative and supportive community where individuals can imerce themselves in the art of French Patisserie there. They are also good in terms of the classes’ size where they only have the maximum of 12 students per class which will definitely a plus. With this each student are gven much needed personal attention and hands on approached.

Full Time Classes
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For those who are looking for full time studies in bakery, in St Honore, their programme are based on French apprenticeship methology focusing on cause and effect, reaction of different ingridients as well as the laboratory work. In here, you are able to learn and play with the different flavours, ingridients as well as techniques and how you can decorate the product.

In the full time class, they are distributed with 36 topics which is devided with three (3) main category for example The Art of Baking, Art of French Patisseri and Art of Confectionery.

LEVEL 1: ART OF BAKING (Basic Level + Pratical Training) (3 months) 
(RM 11, 400.00)

At the first level, you will be taught to cover various baking and lamination techniques where you can have the hands on experiences which allows student to create variety of breads, breakfast pasteries, dry cake, tarts and pies.

LEVEL 2: ART OF FRENCH PATISSERIE (Basic + IntermediateLevel + Pratical Training) 
(RM 22,400.00)
This is where you will be learning the modern French pasteries which you will be covering the fundamental understanding on French fundamental understanding on classic French ccakes, platted desserts, ice creams, entremets and also the French Methods and presentation techniques.

LEVEL 3: ARTS OF CONFECTIONERY (Basic + IntermediateLevel + Advanced Level + Pratical Training) 
(RM 33,400.00)
This category will be focusing on two key aspects such as the artistic pastry like sugar art, chocolate display, wedding cakes as well as the traditional confectioneries such as chocolate, cookies and candies.


Aside from that, they have also the part time master class too for those who love baking and would like to learn more. They comes with 3 different category-Art of Baking, Art  of French Patisserie, and Art of Confectionery. And they have 24 topics to learn where each programs conducted hands on – from 9 am – 4 pm , every Saturday and Sunday . They have few packages where  One Class (RM 500), 6 classes (RM2850) , 12 classes (RM 5,400.00), 18 Classes (RM 7650) and 24 classes (RM 9600)

And we had learned some basic platted desserts during our one day class there. And we are indeed a lot of technique, simple pastries making during the class. We learned on how to make panacotta, crème brulee, and many more. Each of it comes simply simple and very easy in making. And Chef  Frederic Oger indeed bringing us loads of explanation and techniques during the class. We had posted some of his teaching in our facebook page HERE

Pastry Insitute of St Honore
C-21,& C-22 TTDI Plaza
Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-7732 9468
Email: [email protected]

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