MIGF Menu 2016 @ Yezi, Bandar Utama

Inspired by a Chinese steamboat restaurant the owners visited in Shenzhen, this now well-known brand on top of First Avenue office tower has just opened its latest branch in Mont Kiara. Featuring amazing panoramic views of KL’s city skyline and an opulent oriental theme, complete with Chinese paintings, circular arches and custom golden lanterns made to imitate rolling clouds, Yezi makes steamboat luxurious with its range of high-end ingredients.
What the restaurant is best known for, however, is its five unique coconut-based broths which are spiced up with Taiwanese beef, truffle flavourings and other premium ingredients. And this year, Yezi surprise you with their steamboat sensation this October.
Golden Ball
Enjoy the unique alike Malacca Chicken Rice Ball but in Yezi they had made a twist with it where they served the Fried Chicken Rice Ball with Saffron Coat with Salted Egg Batter. Nicely done!
Palette Cleanser
Pickled Vegetables
Enjoy the delicious broth with is filled with collagen in it. The Ginseng Herbal Soup with Coral Seaweed Jelly is something not to be missed here where it is packed with the fragrant broth of ginseng in it. Every mouthful of the broth is perfectly delicious, and filled with the collagen and also health benefits.
Enjoy your steamboat here with all the goodilicious and signature fresh ingredients. Some of the delicious Black Sesame Balls (Squid) , Coriander Balls (Squid) , Lobster Balls (Lobster) and the Black Pepper with Cheese Ball (Chicken). The delicious bouncy fish balls comes delicious and unique, as for me I fall in love with the Black Sesame Fish Balls as well as the the Black Pepper with Cheese Ball (Chicken) which give you a bouncy texture.
As for dumplings, they are Coconut Dumpling as well as the Shao Xing Dumpling. The coconut dumpling are indeed unique where you can find shredded coconut in the dumpling itself. Nicely done and unique texture.
-Wonders of the Sea- 
Enjoy the wonders of the sea all here in Yezi. And being one of the place filled with great and fresh seafood, you will be sure that all the seafood are fresh before it is served on your table. Enjoy those fresh Tiger Prawns, White Clams , Razor Clams and Prawn Paste
-Meat Galore- 
And of course, enjoy the Sliced Beef and Spanish Black Pig. This is indeed a good one and I love the Spanish Black Pig which is tender and juicy.
And of course, having steamboat must comes together with some greenies such as Mixed Vegetables and Mushroom as well as the Handmade Fu Chok Rolls and Noodles. You can grab a variety choices of the noodles which includes the pumpkin, normal, charcoal as well as Coriander.
Waterdrop Coconut Dessert with Gula Melaka, Sago and Crushed Peanuts
The desserts is something you must have. It had been a scene in the market of waterdrop desserts in Japanese restaurant. And here in Yezi, they made a twist where the have they have them in infused coconut water in it. Served them with the crushed peanuts and gula Melaka.
 Full Festival Menu
Without Wines: RM299 nett per 2 pax
The Roof 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama,
No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates
N 3.147118
E 101.616259
012 323 5841


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