MIGF Menu 2016 @ Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Combining world-class food with fabulous fashion, Ruyi & Lyn returns to the Festival fold having earned widespread acclaim and numerous Festival Awards in last year’s MIGF. With the success in MIGF last year, this year, Ruyi brings your palate to a higher level with the great creavity from Chef James.
Locally-trained Chef James has scoured the region for the best dishes to put together a menu that is truly Pan-Asian. With innovative names for each dish and occasionally pitting together some unusual combinations, Chef James’ menu is an explosion of flavours each dish more lip-smackingly delicious meal for the night.
Appetiser (Formation Lap)
Spring Rollin’
Enjoy the smacking delicious Lemongrass Prawns where it is wrapped with the Vietnamese popiah roll. I love how the avocado lemongrass and the cube mango is being done which brings you with an appetising bites of it.  It is accompanied by a juicy Cocktail Tomato (imported from Japan) and topped with Champagne Cream and Crispy Black Cheddar and sprinkled with Tobiko with it. Sides with the some oats.
Appetiser (Pole Position)
Kampung Boy
Using the local fish- Kampung fish in this dish; I could say they are indeed daring. But, you will be amazed with the way chef did it.  Ruyi’s unique take on Otak-Otak (grilled fish cake) in the form of a Fish Maki where in the middle is stuffed with the otak otak, mushrooms, and also prawn. Decorated with the thin chawanmushi where it is just so unique. It is topped with the wolf-berry, green ginger and curry with it.
Soup (Race Start)
Tofu “Flower”
I am just amazed with how Chef crafted this out. An imaginary alike the flower tea we usually had but here chef made it simply unique. The chef had craft the tofu alike a “mautan flower” and once he poured the soup into it, the tofu starts to float up just like a beautiful flower on top of the water. Well, the tofu is being sliced carefully and inside have the fresh abalone in it. The soup comes pretty spicy where the soup is cooked with Japanese cucumber, Sarawak pepper, chicken , and also egg white. It is pretty sight with the spicy sensation.
Palate Cleanser (Pit Stop)
Lychee-licious Sorbet
Stuffed Lychee with a tinge of Yuzu
Main Course 1 (Flying Lap)
Pagoda of Dreams
The duck is well braised and sliced in long strip, rolled up layer by layer just like a mini pagoda. The duck meat is just amazingly done, flavourful and yet moist and juicy. Sides with the preserved vegetables below and topped with the egg floss.
Main Course 2 (Final Lap)
Salted Mountain Chicken
Start your excitement now! Presented in the block of salt ice where the chicken is in the inside. Play some games now , where break the salt ice and you will then need to find the jewel hidden in it. The traditional Chinese Wrapped Chicken with Chinese Herbs is perfectly one of the must try here.  The braised chicken wrapped inside a paper like “Beggers Chicken” style. It is filled with the aromatic herbal taste with some wolfberry in it. And chicken is simply tender and juicy.
Main Course 3 (Checkered Flag)
Oh Crab!
One of the signatures in Ruyi! Enjoy the Creamy Crab Curry Glutinous Rice with Seafood here where you will assured of enjoying every bites of it.  Presented beautifully in the golden yellow crablicious meal. It’s just dining like a king now!
Dessert (Winner’s Podium)
Trio of Triumph
Ends your meal with the delicious desserts all in one platter. Served alike sashimi platter with the garden of ice below, you can enjoy the assorted fruits like blueberry. Strawberries and more but MUST try is of course the D24 fried durian. This is simply a delicious- creamy with the aromatic taste in it. Comes with a shot of Lemongrass Jelly, Pumpkin Cream and Chocolate Mousse
Overall, the menu from Ruyi is indeed impressive and I could say it is perfectly an enjoyable menu to go for. It is such a delicious meal with the hearts from Chef James.
Full Festival Menu
Without Wines: RM238+ per person
285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2083 0288
Opening Hours:
Sunday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm (Last order @ 2.30pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 6pm – 12am (Last order @ 11.00pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm (Last order @ 2.30pm)
Sunday – Saturday: 5pm – till late

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