MIGF 2016 @ Sampling On The Fourteenth, Berjaya Times Square

Dining at Samplings On The Fourteenth is a classy affair; this is the place to bring that special someone for a romantic rendezvous where the unrivalled views of the Klang Valley and refined western fare are the ingredients for a perfect date. The place which brings you with the intimate private dining with the great view of the town.
This year, Chef Val comes up with their creative ideas and bringing you with the well presented dishes which are the testaments to his 26 years of culinary experiences in the upscale establishments.
Chicken Rillettes , Duck A L’orange & Crusted Tuna With Caramelised Onion
 Lamb Tartlet with Goat Cheese Croquetas
 Helmed for the creativity, the dish is impressively delicious. Enjoy the plate of delights creatively presented to the table. The chicken rilletes combination with the Duck a L’orange & Crusted Tuna with Caramelised Onion is amazingly unique. Served n the tarts, the delights is just awesome with the fragrant taste of the goat cheese.


Starter 1
Pan-Fried Haloumi, Chilled Marinated Vegetables in Season and Lemon Emulsion
 One of the Greek delights, Haloumi is a dish with a mixture of the goat’s and sheep milk together and it is then being heat till the high melting point, then is being grilled and fried. It is then being served with the chilled marinated vegetables in Season and topped with the Lemon Emulsion with it. The dish is pretty interesting, unique and yet delicious.
Starter 2
Poached Baby Mackerel, Chick Pea Puree, Smoked Garlic Cream and Walnut
Enjoy how the baby mackerel is being done. The baby mackerel is being poached and side with the chicken pea puree, smoked garlic cream and walnut by the side. With the light saltiness when you just have the baby mackerel, once paired, the taste is well balanced and you can have a distinct and light taste from the chicken pea puree.
Green Pea Cream with Artichoke chips and Tomato Tartar
 I love how the soup is being served. Tomato Tartar is being served in front and later ; they poured the green pea cream on top. The soup comes creamy, and yet smooth texture with the aromatic smell from the green pea itself. Add in some of the juices from the tomato itself, and the whole bowl of soup changes the aroma to a slightly sourish taste.


Palate Cleanser
Malibu Lime Sorbet
 After some heavy, creamy blend why not get a bites of the palate cleanser where it comes with the sourish bites of the Malibu Lime Sorbet. The icy delights with the heavy hint of sourish taste is indeed brings us with the refreshing taste.
Main Course
Pan-Fried Halibut Fillet, Smoked Tomato Puree, Parsnips and Shellfish Froth
 I had the Halibut Fillet which is well pan fried till perfection with the flaky texture of the fish itself. It is indeed a nice fish to enjoy and sides with the Smoked Tomato Puree, Parsnips and Shellfish Froth.


Wagyu Beef Medallion, Pumpkin with a Hint of XeresVinegar, Duck Foie Gras and Thyme Juice
 Enjoy the delicious tender and juicy meat where the wagyu is being grilled till perfect tenderness and flavour, with no sauce needed. Every mouthful of the Australian Wagyu is perfectly good especially the moist and juiciness from the meat itself and the taste is divine. And it is indeed beautifully topped with the Duck Foie Gras and thyme juice on top.


Guanaja Chocolate Delice, Sea Salt Flakes, Butter Scotch, Cream Cheese Mousseline
Ends your meal with some sweet indulgence. The Plate of the Gunaja Chocolate Delice sides with the Sea Salt Flakes. The desserts come
interestingly good and unique.
Ends your meal with their Petit Fours, Coffee and Tea
Full Festival Menu
Without Wines: RM228 nett per person
With Wines: RM388 nett per person
Samplings on the Fourteen
14th Floor, East Tower,
1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603- 2117 8000 ext 8131
Fax: 603- 2117 8155


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